With Joy

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An immediacy of regret ricocheted off of every hard surface in the house last week after we accidently clicked “publish” instead of “preview” for the eggplant stack post. An (extremely) rough draft of bubbling thoughts suddenly live, sent to 3000+ inboxes around the world. My heart sank. I wanted to chase after every visitor and beg, “Hey, wait! That’s not what I meant to say!” After reading your kind comments and emails I felt the need to briefly clarify, for my own sake, that I have no desire to leave this space. I have dedicated so much of my soul and time to this adventure with the explicit purpose of reaching, teaching, learning, and growing into the world. Growing into myself. Sharing stories and semblances of a journey to honor the one we each take, individually, every day and the one we share together as human beings. My “lingering concern,” as I so phrased it, about what Happyolks provides is more a matter of how I can use it better. How can I take this utility, this vessel, and infuse it with more light, deeper purpose, and greater authenticity. That is my work. And, I will very much keep working.

But, let’s move on. What I really want to talk about today is Mudita. Have you heard the term before? Mudita is sanskrit for the Buddhist vision of joy, more specifically sympathetic joy. Sympathetic joy, or appreciative joy as it’s also translated, is the pleasure and happiness experienced in delighting in other people’s well-being and good fortune. When you genuinely feel gladness for anothers success, the cultivated energy will uplift your own spirit and change the way you live and experience the world. My levels of sympathetic joy have been through the freaking roof lately. Friends and family are starting careers, opening new chapters, changing course, tackling big projects, getting married, having children. My heart feels so swollen with love and eagerness for these folks. The Mudita, sympathetic joy, I have cultivated in witnessing their lives and their passages has elevated my days in more ways than I could possibly describe.

Within this beautiful mess of joy, The Sprouted Kitchen Cookbook. The culmination of years of hard work and soul-stretching has brought the world another beautiful artifact of love and passion. I am inspired. I am captivated. I am overwhelmed with happiness for this enormous success. You did it, Sara and Hugh. You really did it. Here’s our gathering, a gathering you both helped make. It is one instance, one night, where the world became a little better because of your grace and dedication. Congratulations, friends. Enjoy the ride! Recipes from film:

Sweet Corn Ceviche

Papaya and Red Quinoa Salad with Mexican Caesar Dressing

Chipotle and Apple Turkey Burgers

*** Music: Old Mythologies by The Barr Brothers. Purchase album here.

** Cookbook giveaway ran 8/28 – 9/7 and is now closed, thank you for all your kind comments. 

  1. Zita

    Oh My! This video is absolutely beautiful! I ordered Sara’s book so hopefully very soon I can cook from it too!

  2. Sankhalina Nath

    To me your blog is a ‘force of nature’. I love and can relate to each and every post. Thank you for sharing so much. Happiness to you.

  3. Marie

    It’s funny, because we just had a small gathering like that a few days ago. Good friends, good food, and a lot of joy. If this cookbook brings more good times like that, it should be on my bookshelf. 😉 Gorgeous video… miss you, lady!

  4. fabiola@notjustbaked

    I love your kind words, and the happiness spilling so genuinely from your heart for others. I can totally relate,, and you brought me this word I have never heard of, and I am grateful for that. I feel so happy for this cookbook, and I am so excited to learn from it, cook from it, and be inspired.

  5. Stefanie @ Sarcastic Cooking

    Your words and videos are always so inspiring!!! Thanks for this simple message of joy and a moment of happiness amidst a crazy day!

  6. Michelle

    Gah! So excited about this cookbook, I can barely wait!

  7. Allison

    Loved the video, the food looks so delicious. I would love a copy of the cookbook to make an amazing dinner like that :)

  8. Shanna

    what a beautiful way to celebrate their cookbook. Kelsey, seriously, wow. can I just say, too, the blog world needs a little more Mudita. Thank you for showing how it’s done.

  9. Melissa

    What a perfect dinner! Love the twinkle lights and the love that went into making that meal. It looks delicous. I have been following Sara’s blog for awhile and would love this cookbook.

  10. Melissa // the faux martha

    I say this to my husband all the time—Can I keep you? And with every new post and every video from you guys, I find myself wanting to say the same to you. You are a rare gem! xo Mel

  11. Kelly E.

    What a wonderful celebration among friends, for friends. Thank you for the chance to win this wonderful book.

  12. leslie

    beautiful video! very inspiring, thank you:) now off to the kitchen to make something yummy!

  13. sarah

    Lovely post, and always, there is that bit of teaching, a gentle push towards something better. I love that about you. Mudita. Yes. Delighting in other people’s well-being and good fortune. Yes, we need more of that, or rather, I need more of that. Celebrating everyone’s own expression, gift, purpose, meaning. Mudita. I’m carrying that word in my heart now.

  14. hugh

    guys! whoa! so, so good. can we come over and do this again?

  15. catherine

    You are very brave
    And the cookbook looks amazing

  16. Caitlin

    what a beautiful video! it is truly inspiring. i think working with others to make a meal is so beautiful and special. and the food looks delicious!

  17. Juliette

    Thank you for teaching me this word. Congratulations for the book!! I am curious to know more about it!


  18. ileana

    So much happiness in that video. :)

  19. Stacy

    Kelsey, what a happy, happy, beautiful video. And also, I had missed your last post (what with all of the transition and so forth going on in my own life!), but I read it now, and I hope your regret about posting it will quickly pass. It’s honest, which is what your blog is, in a way few others are — and so it is good. You are doing a good thing here, indeed. xo Stacy

  20. Chelsea Hansen

    I absolutely love this post! Such a beautiful video and gathering of friends. Thanks for the lesson on the word Mudita. What a great word to know :)

  21. Ana Frias

    I love the video! Thank you so much for sharing. After watching this I decided I NEED to get the book!

  22. Jessica

    Wonderful posts, recipes and heartfelt sharing. Thanks for the work you do to better the cooking / health landscape and yourself. Keep sharing!

  23. Ashlae

    You guys are so talented. And beautiful. And inspiring. So lucky to know you, lady.

  24. anja meyer

    oh, this sounds, looks, smells, seems delicious, would luuuuuuuv to win the book. thanks for the generous giveaway! sunny greetings from berlin,anja

  25. talley

    There is just so much LOVE in this post! (I think a lot of it is harnessed in those twinkly lights). Everything here looks like it would warm my belly and my soul. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on this cookbook – Switzerland could use a little wholesome goodness and turkey burgers to balance out all the bratwurst and schnitzel. Wonderful post, wonderful video, wonderful dinner!

  26. Emma @ Poires au Chocolat

    That video is absolutely stunning! Really does feel like you’re in the room too – and so nice to see you laughing and cooking away. Life is so full of joy and new paths! I’m so happy to hear you’re definitely continuing with this inspirational space.

  27. Nicole

    Kelsey, this is a gorgeous video!! Love that word, mudita. I certainly share your feelings for Hugh and Sara and your dinner party was the perfect way to celebrate them.

  28. Sarah

    I always look forward to a new video from you all! Love it. I’ve heard about this cookbook! Looks fantastic!

  29. sara

    the world needs more of you’s in it, sweet Kelsey. I am beyond touched, I’m not even sure where to start in gratitude and admiration. First off, the video is so gorgeous, i want to be at that table with you guys! Also, I love the word and what it means. I will be focusing on this and you are SO good at being a great example of it. Thank you so very much for being a light that shines so brightly, you are so special and I am lucky to know you. hugs.

  30. la domestique

    So so so so wonderful…

  31. Hailey

    As always, a beautiful meal and a beautiful visual! This book sounds amazing. Hope I can get a copy!

  32. Stephanie

    I cannot wait to make these recipes!

  33. Margarita

    kelsey, i love all the thought and care that goes in all of your blogposts. the way you care about what you say and how your words impact other people is really inspiring. i wish i had that talent… what a special person you are. thank you for being you!

  34. Nicole

    There’s nothing better than a fresh meal with friends. I now yearn to purchase a coral-fleshed papaya and have a party lit with strand lights. Gorgeous video and a beautiful tribute to the cookbook.

  35. Brittany

    I have loved Sprouted Kitchen for a couple of years now. Can’t wait to hold the book in my hands!

  36. Brian @ A Thought For Food

    HA! Oh, we have all done that before. But you know, I loved what you said. I feel like you spoke exactly how i felt… the frustrations, the insecurities, the uncertainty. It all rang true.

    And now I’m counting down until I can get my hands on this beautiful book (maybe this week… please oh please) and make something delicious from it.

    I’m off to go share this beautiful video with the world. LOVE!

  37. Alicia @ Treble Tart

    Oh, I hate when that happens! But rest assured: you are loved, and even if you did decide to stop working on this space, you would still be loved. :)

    On a completely different note, I am SO excited about Sprouted Kitchen’s Cookbook!! I would love to win a copy!

  38. Stephanie

    Love the video! I’m so excited about Sara’s book but haven’t purchased it yet due to my strict college budget. I made the corn ceviche when she posted it on her site and loved it.

  39. Brandon @ Kitchen Konfidence

    Love the video!! And your new place looks amazing :) I don’t have this cookbook yet, so I’d love to win one!

  40. Sarah

    I’ve been seeing more and more about this cookbook and it sounds absolutely wonderful!

  41. Jacqui

    Absolutely beautiful Kelsey. You make Sarah and Hugh’s work fit in right at home, wish I was at that table with you, what a feast!

  42. Kathryne

    Finally! A word for that feeling I experience so often. Mudita. Thank you. And what a wonderful tribute to Sara and Hugh’s book, I can imagine they are blown away.

  43. Sheri Beezer

    Congratulations! Can’t wait to get a copy even if I have to buy it :)

  44. Jenna

    1. Oh yeesh to accidental posting, but perhaps it provided you the opportunity to reinvigorate your passion for the pursuit?

    2. I, too, have been feeling the mudita to an embarassingly emotional level of late. Thanks for providing a word for this state that I am.

    3. After drooling over their bountiful food porn for months, I finally made Sprouted Kitchen’s Wild Rice Salad with Miso Dressing… sold. I’m a believer. Hook me up with that beautiful book! =)

  45. Sarah

    Those chipotle apple turkey burgers sound amazing. So delicious!

  46. Mia

    The food looks delicious!! And, the video is beautifully done.

  47. Christie {Pepper Lynn}

    Discovered your blog today via The Sprouted Kitchen, and I’m smitten. This video is just lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  48. Kendra

    How lovely! So glad to hear you don’t plan on leaving – I *do* enjoy this blog so much. Thank you for taking the time to create it with such love.

  49. Aims

    Wow, what a gorgeous video! The book looks as wonderful and inspiring as the contents of your blog 😉

  50. Emily

    Such a beautiful video! I always lust after cookbooks but can never seem to find the extra room in the budget to buy them!

  51. Ellie

    Beautiful video!

  52. Anya @ SAS-does

    What a beautiful gathering you had! Thank you for sharing the joy of food and friendship.

  53. Samantha

    Oh man, this cookbook looks UNREAL.

  54. Keelin

    oh I love everything about this post. you bring joy.

  55. Lauren

    Beautiful video and words, you certainly have a way.

  56. Ingrid

    So glad you decided to make this a giveaway! This cookbook embodies everything I believe in; fresh, local, and simple meals. Thanks for the opportunity and thanks for having such a great blog!

  57. Katy Penrod

    I love their blog and would be so excited to win a copy of their book!

  58. Amanda @ Easy Peasy Organic

    i relish the idea of feeling happiness for others, free from resentment or jealousy or discontent. that’s the person i want to be, genuine and openhearted. and maybe i am sometimes, maybe i’m not. i’m a work in progress. which is why i blog about sustainable living – not just from a food perspective.

    i’ve heard so many great things about this book, can’t wait to see it!

  59. Ana-Maria

    Gorgeous video and most beautiful book. I was just browsing the excerpt on scribd last night and it’s amazing. Would love to have it!

  60. Carrie | acookgrowsinbrooklyn

    Your video was my reentry into the world from slumber – the first thing I saw this morning and it is a perfectly positive way to start the day – focusing on an evening that was clearly filled with warmth and friends and good food. Gonna keep those feelings with me throughout the day. Can’t wait to see the cookbook.

  61. Jordan

    I love Sprouted Kitchen AND the Barr Brothers…so this is just perfect!

  62. Elizabeth A.

    This video is so beautiful and moving. I shed a tear thinking about how we all could use more nights like this, full of nice weather, good food, and great company. Truly a labor of love. You have much to be joyful about in your own life, too!

    p.s. – don’t enter me in your contest, my book is already on it’s way.

  63. Connie

    Beautiful video. I love how the dinner was a collaboration with many hands involved. Cooking with friends and enjoying it together is what made me fall in love with cooking. Also, all the ingredients and the food look gorgeous. Thanks for continuing to inspire me!

  64. Anne C.

    your love for life and for friends is inspiring – thanks for calling out the joy, good things and beauty happening in and around you. and, what an accomplishment for sara and hugh!

  65. Kankana

    Nothing taste better than fresh and seasonal food! Your celebration is beautiful and I can’t wait to try the papaya quinoa salad. Hope to win a copy of this gorgeous book .. crossing my finger and toes!

  66. Jennifer

    Love the video and the idea of sympathetic joy. I always like reading what you have to say.

  67. Kris

    This is just beautiful! Your videos are always filled with beauty and inspiration. Well done! And what an amazing tribute to Sara & Hugh. You have brought so much joy to my day. Thank you!

  68. Christiane

    I just came across you blog yesterday and I’m already in love with what you all do. The videos and music of choice is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  69. Alexandra

    Your way with words and creativity with food never ceases to amaze me. I want to thank you for so much inspiration you have brought into my life, as well as my cooking.

  70. Carolyn!

    Sweet corn ceviche! I really need to check out that cookbook! Also, glad to know that you’ll be around for a while longer. Love reading and being inspired.

  71. El Oso con Botas

    Nice “velada”

  72. manon

    Your video looks amazing. Seems as if its so much fun to cook the recipes of the book with your friends. I would really love to do this with my friends. beatiful.

  73. Abra

    I love the concept of mudita and I think it is so extraordinary how people in this community truly support each other. Fabulous video and I can’t wait to get my hands on that book.

  74. Pauline

    Wow … I loved reading this post. I’m now taking the time to indulge myself and read the rest of your blog. It’s just so wonderful when you ‘happen’ upon something as beautiful and inspiring as this. Thank you.

  75. Kaitlyn

    the mezcla of writing, photography, videography, and cooking is just so……. beautiful. so happy and inspiring.

  76. Colleen

    So nice of you to share a beautiful video for your friends. Would love a copy of this cookbook! Thank you for sharing :)

  77. Kate

    What a beautiful video. Thanks for sharing that with us, and offering this stunning cookbook for others to know and love. Given the author and photographer, I can’t imagine it’s anything but pure and delicious delight.

  78. Adrienne

    Such a sweet video! Love the shots at night.

  79. Andreia

    Amazing video! They´re extraordinary and inspiring!
    Thank you so much for sharing this video xD

  80. Nina

    What a beautiful video that somehow connects the worlds of your blogs so well. The videos on here are so heart-warming and I remember when I saw the first one (on the chestnut spread) I was so overwhelmed. And happy of course. Thank you for reminding us to be happy. And to enjoy good food and company.

  81. Meg

    That video made me very happy… and hungry too!

  82. Heather

    I’m really enjoying the food blog love here! Your video was really lovely, and it’s clear what it’s all about – gathering hearts around something great. Thank you!

  83. Samantha

    I am love with this video. I showed it to my grandmother and it inspired her to have the strength to help cook with me in the kitchen today. Thank you.

  84. Andrea

    Amazing video, I love how you capture the art of cooking! This book looks absolutely stunning, both the recipes and the photography!

  85. Margherita

    beautiful, it’s so happy it made me happy!

  86. Keia Mastrianni

    I just learned a new word today, Mudita. Thanks for that!
    As far as your published post that wasn’t supposed to be published, I say there are no coincidences and that was meant to be shared with the world. I hope the comments left by others leave you feeling more inspired. Last thing is, I would love to win a copy of Sprouted Kitchen. Everything about it looks so lovely.

  87. Kasey

    This is just so lovely, Kelsey! I’ve had those moments when I’ll write a post based entirely on an emotion I feel that seems to take over my being. I often edit and rewrite–it’s the process that helps me actually figure things out. I totally understand the frustration associated with putting something out there that is too raw, unfiltered. I’ve been there! In any case, I feel you with the Mudita. I’m SO thrilled for Sara, and for so many other joys in friends’ lives lately. I want to watch the video over and over again. xo

  88. Dhabie Brown

    Such a beautiful tribute to sprouted kitchen. I would LOVE to own this stunning collection of recipes.

  89. Ashley

    So excited for the cookbook! Your videos always make me so hungry!

  90. Shan

    The video was so lovely and I’ve been getting increasingly excited for Sara’s book!!

  91. Jessica

    Very excited about the book! And happy to have discovered your blog.

  92. Victoria

    Very excited for the cookbook and I loved your film! That lemon mishap happens to me every time.

  93. Julie

    Wow. What an achievement! I would be delighted to hold a copy of their work in my hands, flipping through the pages ’til they are well-worn and well-loved. (And stained. That too.)

  94. katie

    what a lovely, lovely video! that seriously makes me want to run out and buy sara’s book, all of these ingredients, and invite some friends over!!

  95. Kathleen

    I would love to try making Sprouted Kitchen recipes as delicious and beautiful as they look in your video!

  96. Katka

    Your blog is such an inspiration and the video is simply amazing. I bet you had an great time cooking from The Sprouted Kitchen Cookbook and I’d be enormously excited to get a chance to cook from it as well – it looks stunning.

  97. Sarah B.

    This is such a touching warm tribute to your friends my dear, you truly breathe your passion out into the world so gracefully and it’s just inspiring us all. love the video, as I’m sure Sarah and Hugh are just so incredibly thankful and amazed. you’re beautiful Kelsey. <3

  98. Dana

    Lovely, lovely-have been waiting with anticipation for this book!

  99. Stephanie

    I love Sprouted Kitchen and would so enjoy winning their book!! Thanks!

  100. joey @ 80 Breakfasts

    Really hoping this cookbook reaches my shores!! Or that I with it from this giveaway :) Lovely people and equally lovely recipes!

  101. Beth

    I love your video! Great choice of music and the food looks amazing!

  102. Chloe

    the support you share for friends is contagious. in my opinion this is one of your best videos yet. i love the way it reflects on your life.

  103. Rose

    I absolutely love your videos, they are so uplifting and inspirational:) And the sweet corn ceviche looks amazing!! Thanks for sharing

  104. Jennifer

    What a beautiful post. It really celebrates the joy and beauty of preparing a meal with and for people you love. How nourishing the whole thing is, the whole process, not the just the meal itself. Another inspiring and lovely post. Thank you for this.

  105. Nicole

    Beautiful video, as always. I shoot mostly stills but you guys really inspire me to work on video. And to the food-looks absolutely delicious! Win or not I am definitely getting this book :)

  106. Maxene Graze

    Beautiful video! I love that song too. Can’t wait to see Sprouted Kitchen’s cookbook :)

  107. Emily T

    Would love to have a hard copy of those lovely recipes in my kitchen!

  108. Ania

    so great! Gorgeous video <3

  109. lauren@bluelotus

    I would be so thrilled to have this cookbook on my shelf! What an inspiratin it would be…

  110. Sarah

    I love reading your blog and have been hearing so much praise for The Sprouted Kitchen– would love to have a copy to play with!

  111. Sarah

    Everytime I have found myself feeling jealous or envious of someone recently, I have been reminded of your post. Your words have encouraged me to change my attitude, share in others’ joy, and feel grateful for who am I am and what I have. Thank you!

  112. Nicolle

    That video is beautiful and so inspiring. I want to try those recipes now, and would love to win this cookbook.

  113. sarahem

    What a lovely video and delicious looking food!

  114. Michelle

    your website and videos are so great and inspiring! Definitely looking forward to the next one!

  115. Cassie

    That looks fantastic!

  116. Isa

    Just discovered your blog! What a lovely place to sit and stay a while… :) Beautiful photos, and yummy looking recipes. Can’t wait to try some out!

  117. Mae

    So beautiful. :) Made my day even better. I especially enjoyed the discussion on Mudita!

  118. Katie

    I love the videos y’all make and the food that is in them of course! I hope one day I will be able to buy a cookbook that has you as the author.

  119. Nichole

    Would love this book!

  120. Elena

    Kelsey, I was reading this afternoon a chapter in a Caroline Myss’ book about how the mind can never comprehend the ways Grace touches us and now I read your post and watch your video. So much Grace! Thank you!

  121. Kimberly

    I am in love with your blog! This video is every bit cute as it is making me hungry! I would love a copy of sara’s cookbook!

  122. Yossy | apt2bbakingco

    I know that as you continue to grow and change so elegantly, this space will continue to grow and change along side you. Keep it up girl!

  123. maggie

    goodness gracious! i am craving that cookbook. and after watching your video… sooo yummy! :)

  124. Sarah

    Congratulations to Sara and Hugh on an incredible accomplishment. Can’t wait to share with friends.

  125. Erika Kay

    What a beautiful video! I am always so inspired by all of your posts. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity and for introducing me to The Sprouted Kitchen!

  126. Shannon

    Love their blog and would love the book!

  127. Emily

    Thank you for this beautiful and inspiring video! I’d love a copy of The Sprouted Kitchen Cookbook. :)

  128. Jocee

    gorgeous, gorgeous video! it makes me so hungry. i’d love to own this book! <3

  129. Vivian

    Congratulations to SK on the publication of their book! I can’t wait to get a copy myself.

  130. Kara

    I love this blog. Great video! And I would love to have that cookbook : )

  131. Kristina Waters

    It’s really awesome to see their cookbook come out-we always need cookbooks that are filled with love as well as good recipes.

  132. Libby

    Great video! Would love the book!

  133. Naomi

    That cookbook looks amazing!

  134. Josephine

    If you get to feel the same vibe as in this video when cooking from this cookbook, it should be in every kitchen, love

  135. Brooke

    I just learned about the Sprouted Kitchen!! My roommates and I are loving every minute of it!

  136. Charlene

    I enjoy this blog and the Sprouted Kitchen blog. I would love to have the cookbook.

  137. domonique

    first i am so glad i found you. looking forward to browsing your blog more, but i had to stop and comment when i saw this giveaway. I cannot wait to eat my way through this book! I love her photography too! I hope it’s me!!

  138. Javi

    I am so thrilled to have found such a great website & book! It’s soothing to know others are making food a more meaningful part of our lives. Gotta win this giveaway, hopefully <3

  139. Renee

    So happy to see Sprouted Kitchen getting the recognition it deserves. Sara and Hugh are a creative force to be reckoned with!

  140. margot

    Beautiful video, I would love to own this book!

  141. Austin

    Looks delicious, can’t wait to see your new place. Much Love

  142. Silvia

    You guys make cooking look so much more social, more interactive, more poetic and decidedly less messy than I’ve ever experienced it. Each one of your posts makes me want to have friends over. Thanks for that!

  143. Gretchen

    I LOVE the Sprouted Kitchen! Would love to own this cookbook!

  144. Jordan

    dying over the presentation of this video, your brand, and the sprouted kitchen cookbook. would love the chance to win!

  145. Em

    The video is an incredibly beautiful way to showcase The Sprouted Kitchen’s wonderful recipes and the joy that they bring…would love to have the cookbook to recreate them myself! :)

  146. Christy

    Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this cookbook! Love the video!

  147. Anita

    So happy to see that you’ll be around the web still!!!! I would be so sad without my happyolk dosage!

  148. Leslie

    Absolutely lovely video. I am going to make this menu

  149. Jackie

    A gorgeous video! Some of the best nights are spent preparing delicious and simple food with friends. Eating outside under white lights doesn’t hurt either.

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  155. dantze

    I love your work and your blog!
    Just stopping by to say keep up the good work !!
    Greetings from Melbourne, Australia

  156. Zoe

    What a beautiful beautiful tribute to a wonder cookbook that I believe is destine to be a classic.
    Your video has inspired me to consider cinematography for my own food blog – it was captivating and I think encapsulates how we feel about food, togetherness and connections – made me smile

    What camera do you use to shoot your videos?

    Zoe | http://www.toastytalk.com

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