Real Life

Afternoon walks are my new thing. For about an hour each day, the dog and I take to the streets to stretch our legs and quiet the mind.  One foot in front of the other; exhale. The simple act of unplugging to appreciate a bit of late sun with my curious friend has been such a tonic as of late.  On most walks, I have a strict “no-thinking” policy. We over-thinkers need a break from time to time. No thinking, just being. When I pass walkers now in the car, I feel solidarity with them – sort of the way my dad feels when he spots another mini cooper on the road: I’m with you, I get you, keep walking woman!

Things have been exceptionally busy this month and for that I really can’t complain. A full plate of work and opportunity for growth is a gift, and I try not to take it for granted.  I spend all day writing for other institutions and publications, so Happyolks is getting a bit of the short end these days. It’s okay. This is real life. We’re trying to strike the balance. The walks help; I highly recommend it (smile).

A few months ago we agreed to do a guest post for The Ravenous Couple, which you can find the recipe for the above photos on their site this Friday.  They’re getting married! Love, light, and good ju ju to them.

Take a walk today; leave your thinking cap at home. Unless, of course, you live in the Midwest. In that case. Dance around your air-conditioned room to this video.

  1. Pure2raw Twins

    Love the pictures! And real life can get in the way but that is ok :) xoxo


  2. Cookie and Kate

    I’m envious you can go on long walks in the middle of the summer. It’s been over 100 degrees for over a month here, so afternoon strolls are out of the question. I think I share Cookie’s urge to roam; I feel like a more balanced individual after a nice walk.


  3. Jacqui

    I work from home and I always try to fit in a morning or afternoon walk. It’s so rejuvenating, you described the feeling of it perfectly!


  4. Nadia

    A simple walk, no matter at what time is the perfect time to calm my thoughts too. I don’t have a car, so I try to walk as much as possible – to the bank, to the store, to see a friend. It’s always a pleasure, even when it’s 100 degrees out there :)


  5. la domestique

    That video just made my morning! Thanks :)


  6. Kristine

    I am out walking with my dog every day, twice a day, and yet I have never approached these daily journeys the way you have: with mindfulness. Typically I am thinking of what I need to do when I get home or what I forgot to do before I left. I am going to try your approach from now on. Even if I can get one non-thinking walk in a week, I would be much better off.


  7. MereBear

    I have the same spoon ring :-O


  8. Maddie

    You’ve been a writer for a very long time, but now you’re making a living at it? How amazing, Kelsey. And those zucchini noodles! Wow.


  9. Maria @ Scandifoodie

    I wholeheartedly agree – walks (and other exercise outdoors) is always good! I’ll have to go and check out the video 😉


  10. Thuy Doan

    I’m looking for a good mandolin to make Vietnamese, Thai, Lao papaya salads, as well as daikon, carrots, mangoes, and other things. I have a benriner from Japan and it doesn’t quite get the size right (either too fine or too wide), and I’m afraid to use the Kiwi hand held cutter. Which mandolin are you using in your photos on the Ravenous Couple website? Thanks for any suggestions you can provide!


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