give me your stars to hold

Happyolks | Oaxacan Mole Happyolks | Oaxacan Mole

“I am the pool of gold when sunset burns and dies  you are my deepening skies; give me your stars to hold” ― Sara Teasdale

Happyolks | Oaxacan Mole Happyolks | Oaxacan Mole

Shaun, there is no way to interpret the language of this heart. Our story is my favorite secret. After a summer to meditate and celebrate this next season, I think it’s cool we let the internets in on the news.

I can’t wait to hold you, weep with you, laugh with you, fight with you, thrive with you, unfold with you every day for the rest of my life. This. This love. This time. I love this crazy, complex bond on our best and worst days. I hope we never stop changing. I hope we never stop growing, shedding, breaking, and billowing into new parts of each other, new parts of ourselves. This love with you has been the best and most challenging thing I’ve ever done; and, after all these years (eight! can you believe it?), there is still nothing I am more proud of. Without you I am a shadow version of myself, and every day by your side, I am learning to be a better human, a better friend, and a better partner. I love you. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Here’s to conscious commitment. Here’s to the freaking miracle that we’re here, now. Here’s to all the years and lines and thrills we have still to earn and learn. What do you say? Meet me in June next year, by that mountain we love with all of our friends? I’ll wear a white dress, and hand you my whole heart.

Happyolks | Oaxacan Mole

Hey friends, we’re getting married.

Happyolks is gettin' hitched!Happyolks | Oaxacan Mole Happyolks | Oaxacan Mole Happyolks | Oaxacan Mole

When we were in Mexico, I had enchiladas with mole every night. Not joking. I’ve taken Rick Bayless’s recipe from the Mexican State dinner in 2010 and did a bit of tinkering to make you a cliff notes version. I can see you rolling your eyes at me now… MOLE, KELSEY? A bajillion ingredients, I know, but I promise you it’s worth it and when it’s all said and done you’ll have loads of leftovers and can flex your muscles and proudly say, “I AM WOMAN! I MADE MOLE!”

Oaxacan Black Mole

  • 10 medium chihualces (Oaxacan) chiles
  • 6 medium (about 2 ounces) dried ancho chiles
  • 6 dried chipotle chiles
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 1 cup white onion, chopped
  • 4 garlic cloves
  • 1/2 cup sesame seeds
  • 1/3 cup unskinned or Spanish peanuts
  • 1/3 cup unskinned almonds
  • About 10 cups chicken or vegetable broth
  • 28 oz can crushed tomatoes
  • 14 oz can whole peeled tomatoes, strained
  • 2 slices stale bread, toasted until very dark
  • 1/4 teaspoon cloves
  • 1/2 teaspoon black pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • A scant teaspoon oregano
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1/2 cup (about 3 ounces) finely chopped chocolate (75% cocoa content)
  • Salt, about 1 tablespoon depending on the saltiness of the broth
  • Sugar, about 1/4 cup (or a little more)
  • small flour tortillas
  • sour cream
  • cilantro
  • limes
  • shredded chicken breast (or grilled veggies)


Happyolks | Oaxacan Mole Happyolks | Oaxacan Mole Happyolks | Oaxacan Mole

Step 1: Soak chiles in boiling water for 30 minutes. In a large dutch oven, melt coconut oil and sauté onion and garlic until they begin to brown and caramelize – about 20 minutes.

Step 2: While the onion and garlic are doing their jig, preheat the oven to 350.’ Spread nuts and sesame seeds on a baking sheet with parchment paper. When the oven is to temp, roast the nuts for 12 minutes or until golden. Place nuts and seeds in a blender along with 1 1/2 cups of the broth and blend to as smooth a puree as you can. Transfer to a small bowl.

 Step 3: Without rinsing the blender, combine the canned tomatoes with another 1/2 cup of the broth and puree. Pour into another bowl. Again, without rinsing the blender, combine the roasted onion and garlic with the toasted bread, cloves, black pepper, cinnamon, oregano, thyme, banana and 3/4 cup broth. Blend to a smooth puree and pour into a small bowl. Finally, without rinsing the blender, scoop in half of the chiles, measure in 1/2 cup of the soaking liquid, blend to a smooth puree, then pour into another bowl. Repeat with the remaining chiles and another 1/2 cup of the soaking liquid.

Step 4: From four purees, you have your mole. In the same dutch oven you used for the onions and garlic, heat 3 tablespoons of coconut oil and set over medium-high heat. When very hot, add the tomato puree and stir and scrape (a flat-sided wooden spatula works well here) for 15 to 20 minutes until reduced, thick as tomato paste, and very dark (it’ll be the color of cinnamon stick and may be sticking to the pot in places). Add the nut puree and continue the stirring and scraping until reduced, thick and dark again, about 8 minutes. Then, as you guessed it, add the banana-spice puree and stir and scrape for another 7 or 8 minutes as the whole thing simmers back down to a thick mass about the same color it was before you added this one. Add the chile puree, stir well and let reduce over medium-low heat until very thick and almost black, about 30 minutes, stirring regularly. Stir in the remaining broth and the chocolate, partially cover and simmer gently for about an hour, for all the flavors to come together. Season with salt and sugar.

Step 5: In batches in a loosely covered blender, puree the sauce until as smooth as possible. Return the mole to the same pot and heat it to a simmer. For enchiladas, fill 3 small tortillas with chicken or vegetables (if vegetarian preference). Lay on a plate, then drown them in a hefty spoonful of mole, top with sour cream and cilantro leaves.

Happyolks | Oaxacan Mole

  1. Nancy

    Congratulations ~ mostly on the wedding, partly on the mole. You are an inspiration to me: your thoughts and actions never seize to motivate me. I don’t typically leave comments, but I am genuinely excited for you. Cheers to this next year, and to all your journeys.

  2. Karen @ HonestlyYUM

    Congratulations on your engagement!! Gorgeous photos as always. I fell in love with mole when I was in Mexico and it’s been a long time since I’ve made it– this just inspired me to make some soon…

  3. lucent imagery

    Girl, my heart felt your good news. I was only thinking of you just now as I have been writing my post to celebrate completing every recipe in a book. I was also thinking of my husband and our love as he was the one who suggested the project. I often reflect on our love and how lucky we are to both treasure it and nurture it. I love us. So to see your new post, food and home inspiration and hear your news is just making me break into a smile. I consider my marriage to be the most important thing alongside optimising our health and happiness and our families. I’m so happy for you.

  4. Carol

    Congratulations to you both on your beautiful news :-)

  5. Danielle

    Congratulations!!! Your ring is absolutely stunning, but the way you express your love may be the most beautiful. I can hardly wait to feel that way about someone and the special something we share.

    In the mean time, I’m just going to love the heck out of this mole sauce. Thanks for the recipe 😉

  6. talley

    Kelsey! (&Shaun) What wonderful and exciting news – congratulations! There is no doubt that you two will lead a beautiful life together, a life that will most definitely be filled with good food and fabulous photographs (and of course a whole lot of things that are far better than food and photos). Sending lots of love your way.

  7. Christine

    Kelsey, I’m so happy for you both!!! Congratulations! Sending you lots of well wishes and love.

    And THANK YOU SO MUCH for this space… this blog, your writing and Shaun’s photography has inspired me in so many ways. I am so grateful for the time and effort you put into this.

  8. Emma

    Beautiful! Super huge congrats to you both! Must be something in the water in blogger land :-) xx

  9. Margarita

    Congratulations you guys! What an exciting news! Even though I kinda expected this news someday sooner if not later, I still squealed when I read your post and grinned from ear to ear. Kelsey, I wish I had your words to explain how I feel about my husband. We just got married a few months ago and I think I fall more and more in love with him every day. Wishing you both ALL the best… Beautiful, creative souls!

  10. Laura

    Oh man oh man oh man OH MAAAAAAN! Heart’s exploding wildly for you two. Sending you the goofy smiles, the big hugs, and all the light I got. !!!!!!!! :))

  11. Erin

    Whenever I see a new blog post from you show up in my inbox, I get so incredibly excited. I savor your beautiful words and recipes. And what thrilling news, congratulations! Also I am so excited for this mole, my husband has been asking if we could make some. Perfect timing:)

  12. tara

    LADY! What news. Congratulations and hugs from here.

  13. Grace

    Congratulations Kelsey and Shaun! What a beautiful declaration of love. Wish the very best for you both!

  14. Kat

    Congratulations, my new friend :)
    Amazing news that you slid in so sweetly, can’t wait to try this sweet recipe. Mole is one of my all time favorites. Yummy. Cherish the planning phase of your engagement, be present. xox Kat

  15. Beth

    Hooray! My heart is just swelling with joy for you!

  16. Elizabeth

    Such good news! Congratulations, and cheers to all that messy, wonderful life stuff that lies ahead for both of you. I can’t wait to read all about it.

  17. Nicole

    Congrats! Mole is a wonderful metaphor for marriage. Hard work with a bunch of different ingredients for different people, but all worth it. Can’t wait to try yours.

  18. Beth @ Tasty Yummies

    Yayyyy! Congratulations to you both. There really is no greater thing in the world than love! Enjoy every moment of the planning, it all goes by too quickly!! Woohoo! Here’s to an amazing lifetime together!!

  19. Brian

    OH MY GOODNESS! Congratulations to the two of you. I know you didn’t need a ring to know that you two are meant to be together, but it’s still very very special. So wonderful!

  20. Laurie

    Weeping with joy and ecstatic to welcome you into our family. You don’t know the gift you have become to me, Kelsey, and how overjoyed I am that Shaun and you will do life together. I have much, much, much more to learn from you two beautiful people. I thank God everyday for his gift to me in Shaun, and now thrilled beyond words for his gift of you, Kelsey Brown! Can’t wait to stand beside THAT mountain and watch THAT love ceremony explode. I wanna pinch myself!

  21. Ashley

    This post gave me goosebumps. When you linked on facebook and said, “plus something sparkly,” I thought, could it be!? YAY!! Huge congratulations to you both and such a beautiful + sweet post to read. Your ring is stunning and this meal? Holy mole-y. 😉 Wishing the best for you both. Enjoy the engagement ride this year. It’s a fun one. xoxo

  22. Chelsea

    How wonderful. So much love shines through your pictures, words and adventures. Cheers to the two of you exploring (and eating) your way through this silly world.

  23. Charla

    Absolutely thrilled for you both. I have been following your blog and have come to know a small piece of your beautiful soul through your artful words. I know the family you are joining is such a rare treasure – and you will be a perfect fit. Congratulations!

  24. Jacqui

    “Our story is my favorite secret.”

    Beautiful, beautiful. Here’s to the next steps, and the steps after that, and the ones after that… Congrats! xo

  25. Liz

    Congratulations – so happy to read such wonderful news.

  26. Sarah

    Congratulations! i am so happy for the two of you!

  27. thyme (sarah)

    Congratulations to you. That is wonderful news, a beautiful story and a gorgeous ring.

  28. Kristin

    Ah! Congratulations. This is a really, really beautiful announcement.

  29. Grace

    Ah.. love, nothing on this is earth is better.

  30. Allison (Spontaneous Tomato)

    Big congratulations on your wedding plans! Your mole photos are beautiful, and I love the plating/presentation in that last one. (That plate looks like the kind of handmade ceramic that would show up at a hippie, locally-owned izakaya in Japan.) My fiancée and I have also started making homemade mole (poblano)—and mole enchiladas—together. Life is good. : )

  31. sara forte

    I WISH YOU GUYS LIVED CLOSER SO I COULD RUN AND HUG YOU BOTH!! SO many sincere and thrilled congratulations. Love should always be an adventure if you’re doing it right, and you two will be an inspiration and testament to others who are fighting the good fight. I am honored to know you both – to support you and wave my pom poms at the promise and commitment you two continue to make to each other. As you have and will forever. Oh and very nice sparkles, it’s “so you” and gorgeous. Eeep!

  32. Sini

    My heart burst with joy, my eyes filled with tears . Congratulations, you beautiful souls. I’m so very happy for you two. xoxo

  33. holly

    congratulations! such happy news + i do so admire the relationship you two have.

    p.s. the comment shaun’s mom left (i assume that’s her) was beyond heartfelt and made me tear up.

  34. Lindsey

    My husband and I are completely obsessed with mole, and have a recipe list waiting for the day we have the cajones to actually make it. Well, bravo lady and congratulations on such an awesome time in your life!

  35. Jane

    I don’t believe there is anything more exquisite, powerful, and inspiring than the coming together of two people who really mean it, in marriage. Yes, here’s to a conscious commitment. Your physical lives may not change so very much, but spiritually, relationally, soulfully you will inevitably molt into grander, more compassionate and gracious people. A wild trip and fabulous mystery it is. Beauty, beauty. Marriage somehow opens my eyes wider and wider all the time to the beauty of living and this complex humanity we share. Thrilled for you!

  36. Briar

    This is so beautiful – the love and the mole! Love is a rich, complex sauce, indeed. Best wishes to the two of you!

  37. Sara

    Congratulations! And I love the mole recipe too.

  38. Adrianna from A Cozy Kitchen

    Weeeeee! Beautiful mole; beautiful ring; beautiful words. Congratulations.

  39. Kasey

    Oh I am so happy for you too! I wish you every joy and hope I get to sneak an in-person look at that ring sometime soon :) xoxoxoxo

  40. Mary Ann

    Congratulations to the both of you, I can’t believe how beautifully you have written your feelings. I wish I could do that. May God Bless and watch over you two forever. Sending all my love to you and Shaun.

  41. Jamie

    I’ve never actually made any of your recipes, not yet anyway. I started following your blog some time ago and aside from the beautiful pictues and receipes, I really enjoy your writing! The paragraph above describing your feelings and realtionship, brought tears to my eyes. I too just got engaged after 7 years of being together : ) Congratulations to you both and thank you for sharing a part of your life with those who read this blog.

  42. Caroline

    I read this post in the early morning then updated it later and found that it had become a transformed post. I like your edits.

    The suspense embedded in this series of photos is awesome. Good work capturing the shadowy outlines of the ring that progressively lead us to a focused picture. I suppose that the images are symbolic of the long (eight years?!) journey that led you to this mountainside. I hope that the view gets only better as you climb to your elusive peak.

  43. Abby


  44. Jenny

    Here’s to conscious commitment. Yes. Congratulations!

  45. Juliette

    Fantastic! Congratulations! There is no better way of letting “us”, your readers, know than this: beautiful words which express all of your love for your future husband. Amazing words which bring emotions even to the hearts of people who don’t know you in real life. I wish you all the best!


  46. Ron

    Congratulations on your engagement Kelsey and Shaun. You are very talented, creative individuals and together you are such an amazing couple.

  47. Geoff

    You guys are so awesome, I’m beyond excited for you two!

    P.S. – that mole looks incredible 😉

  48. sarah

    Hip Hip Hip! So happy for you. And the ring is perfect. I wish I could give you a big hug in person! So much love to you.

  49. Megan Gordon

    SO FREAKING HAPPY FOR YOU. This post made my day. xoxo

  50. Genevieve

    Congratulations!! I love the ring! The mole enchiladas look good, too- but the ring is beautiful.

  51. Emma

    Congratulations! Such happy news. (and such a pretty ring).

    May I also suggest you take a look at A Practical Wedding if you haven’t already? I’m single and I still love that site – the honesty and realism and awesome ladies and pretty things.

  52. Joyti

    Oh, congratulations!
    And thank you for sharing a bit of your beautiful, growing relationship with us. Your perspective on the future that awaits you both is so realistic, amazing, beautiful…

  53. edie

    oh man. oh man. you’ve managed to radiate happiness across this screen brighter than that GORGEOUS rock on your finger…and all the while, being totally humble and unpretentious. you rock (ha, pun intended?).

    oh, and i’m asking my mom freeze/overnight a batch of mole verde for you. it’s like…liquid gold.

    i cannot wait to bear hug you.


  54. Sonja

    Congratulations, Kelsey! What wonderful news!!!! We hope you’ll find marriage to be as life-rocking and beautiful as we have. Wahoo! Cheers to this new season.

  55. Kimberley

    HURRAH! Beautiful in every way.

  56. Ashlae

    Happiest. Mega love to you both <3

  57. molly

    love each other well
    (just as you have, up until now. continue, build, expand, learn, every day)
    my heart swells for you both.
    (and for mole, also. i will so make this. maybe not this week. but good things take time, no?)

  58. Angy

    “One way of knowing you truly love another person (or vice versa) is that you either want what’s best for them or what they want for themselves. Your needs or personal agenda do not factor in to the matter. If for example they want to move to another city, or you know that move would be the best thing for them, then the move is what you want for them too. The German phrase “fall back and I’ll catch you” is parallel to this. If you know for certain that person’s love and concern for you is genuine, then you can go to them any time and ask “What should I do?” And you can be certain their answer will honestly be what they think is in your best interest. Not *their* interest, or what they want from you, but what they think will make you happiest.

    PS – that was a fucking awesome proclamation of total head over heels-ness from one beating organ for another, from one crazy mind for another and from one eternal soul for another. You found the one!!! Shriek, squeal!!
    (I too found my one)
    How crazy sexy coolio is that. How bloody miraculous. Yeeeehaw!!!

  59. Jourdie


    I started reading your blog this summer, in an attempt to transition my reading habits toward the same kind of cooking and eating habits I want to cultivate. I originally trained as a pastry cook, but I learn more and more that whole foods, that healthy food, is what makes me happy and content in my body. Your words, your food, and your journey have really helped inspire me and rearrange my thinking when habitual patterns sneak up and most of what comes to mind are cakes and tarts filled with white sugar and flour.

    Anyhow, despite being a relatively new reader, I already have that cozy friend feeling that comes with a connection to a blogger whose work and ideas resonate strongly. Hearing your news made me yelp with joy. Your love and your commitment to love and growth together are an inspiration. I wish you both all the best!

  60. tami

    congrats to both of you. our wedding is 4 days away and…it’s a really magical time. take it all in :)

  61. Renee Ranjani Shuman

    I love that your first engagement ring shot involves you chopping chocolate. You are a lady after my own heart. Congratulations and HECK that’s a gorgeous ring! The stone looks pink in the picture. I love pink engagement rings.

    On another note, stop reading my mind. I was planning on making a mole this week, and then up pops your recipe in my bloglovin feed! Your recipe sounds brilliant. I am definitely making mole a la happyolks. Sounds perfectly complex.

  62. Mihaela

    Thank you heartily for sharing your story. Your love seems magical, honest and strong!
    I simply love your recipe (i’m a huge fan of sweet-salty combos) and would try it for sure in my blog. Wish you both much love! Best, Mihaela

  63. Alex

    That is the most beautiful ring. Just stunning.

    Congratulations to you both!

  64. Danielle

    Major congratulations to you both! Even though we went to college together and had quite a few classes too, its been a privilege to learn about you and Shaun in a very different way through your blog and to follow your success. And the ring is lovely too :). On a food note, I made some roasted veggie enchiladas last night and Matt and I enjoyed them, but THESE look totally major. I’ve only made mole a couple times with my abuela and I think you’ve inspired me to give it a go alone.

  65. Jim

    Happy! Congrats! You know how to celebrate-two of my most favorite things- chiles and chocolate!

  66. Jacqui

    Ohhh how exciting!!! So happy for you both! xo

  67. Aeron

    Oh, how wonderful! Best wishes!

  68. Karry

    Thank you for sharing this news. Congratulations! I love you both and your lives inspire me.

  69. Julie Wagner

    Beautiful…Amazing…Real! Words that come to mind and fill my heart while hearing a little part of your authentic love story. Thank you for sharing….. I send you and Shaun a heart that is full of love and honor for your journey and life together. Aunt Julie

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  71. Renee

    Beautiful. Congratulations!

  72. Brandon @ Kitchen Konfidence

    Congratulations again on the engagement!! I love mole, and this one looks pretty spectacular.

  73. Beth

    I’m late to the party. But. Yes! What they said, what should be said: congratulations! I love nothing more than a slow burn love. Taking your time is a beautiful thing & there’s something special about a marriage after 8 years together already. We’re engaged & might not marry for another few years because when you know…you’re in no hurry. I love that word “billowing”… and I for one am very pro any recipe that has a million ingredients all married (pun intended) together in one beautiful, new flavor. Again, the best to you & yours.

  74. Ashley

    You have the loveliest way of making beautiful stories even more beautiful than I could imagine. Last line killed me. I want to keep reading it over and over. So many good wishes your way. 1 month ago I married my love on the mountain we love and it was perfect. Congratulations and thank you for making the world more beautiful to be in

  75. erin @

    I am just so so happy for you.

  76. Kathryn

    I stumbled upon your blog from Shutterbean. The food photography is lovely, and I hope to try your version of mole sometime (there is just too much recipe inertia, so many ingredients! But you’re right. It’s worth every step in the end I imagine).
    Question : Where is your ring from? I absolutely adore it.
    Best wishes!

  77. Happy little Sunday things.

    […] “Give me your stars to hold.” This may or may not have made me a little emotional — the words and not the mole recipe. (Though it is true I’ve also been known to get emotional over a good mole from time to time.) (Link here.) […]

  78. Kathryn

    Belated congrats on the engagement. You two are going to be so ridiculously and unbelievably happy together.

  79. Bobbi

    CONGRATULATIONS! What a gorgeous ring and even more gorgeous words capturing your emotion. Your writing always makes me cry. All the best to you, friend.

  80. dahz


  81. Clare

    Thrilling, fantastic… beautifully documented… your man is going to adore his vows!! Congratulations!!

  82. jess

    Oh! Oh! Oh! I just returned from four days off the grid with the fam, and I was dreading turning on my computer this morning. Then… THIS. I’m bursting with happiness for you two. Congratulations, with all my heart. (The best part? It only gets better!) xoxo.

  83. Anjali

    Congratulations! And I love the pairing of marriage and mole in this post. Complicated, too much work for some, but so complex and rewarding if you take a deep breath and take the plunge.

  84. Alanna @ One Tough Cookie

    That’s wonderful news, Kelsey! Congratulations!

  85. Gourmet Creations

    Holy Mole!

  86. Penny

    Congratulations. Love the symbolism. I envy the beginning of a long happy life.

  87. Mallory @ Because I Like Chocolate

    Other than maybe hollandaise, mole is probably my favorite sauce on the planet. The depth of flavour you get from it is just unreal. Love it!

  88. Adri @ LifeNourished

    Congratulations! Thanks for sharing such awesome news through such beautiful words.

  89. Prerna

    Oh My Gosh, Congratulations! So happy for you guys :-)

  90. kim

    this looks absolutely delicious!

  91. buckwheattobutter

    I always admire your bravery in baring your emotions, sharing so honestly where you are with your readers. Congratulations on your engagement!

  92. Courtney

    Congrats to the both of you! It’s always been clear through your writing and the photographs that you two have a very strong and inseparable bond. Can’t wait to tackle this mole on a rainy weekend!

  93. Krista

    My heart is bursting for you! Congratulations!

  94. Tracy | PeanutButter and Onion

    Holy ring batman!!! I also like your recipe…. I’ve tries mole slowcooker pork and looooved it.



  96. Grandpa and Grandpa Driskill

    Dearest Shaun and Kelsey… We Love You Two! nd you have known for awhile how we feel about this exciting time and times in your lives. We have just traveled the AL-CAN HWY and finally got some internet figured out — we know if we were young like you two it would have been done before now. We just wanted to add our congratulations and we’ll see you in June and most likely before, Love Much

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  98. Burton Haynes

    I simply want to tell you that you’re beautiful.

  99. Jamie

    Ooh, this will be my first attempt at making my own mole sauce! Can’t wait to try it!!

  100. Rebecca

    This is my first visit to your site – only to land in the midst of joyous news! Congrats! And a deepest thanks – I adore mole. I’d eat it every day too. PS – my husband and I were together 8years and a child before getting married as well. Wishing you magic.

  101. Irina @ wandercrush

    Oh Kelsey, I am so incredibly happy for you! Out of all the famed bloggers out there in the foodblogosphere, you somehow stand out as impossibly humble and I’ve no doubt that your engagement and marriage will be so wonderful and blessed. Congratulations to both of you.

  102. rebecca

    This mole is amazing. It was my first attempt at making the sauce and it was so tasty and well balanced. I also served it with shredded iceberg lettuce on top for crunch. I find this blog site to be honest, daring and flavorful. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and recipes!

  103. Sophie

    This is post is absolutely beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. I am so happy for the two of you! You are both such inspirations to me. Here’s to best wishes and eternal growth!



  104. Jeanine

    aaahhh – I’m so happy for you!! This post warms my heart, it’s so beautifully written… I’m continually in awe of the way you are able to express yourself.

    Congrats to being an engaged mole-making woman :)

  105. Trisha @ Vignette

    Congrats on your engagement! This mole looks so warming and comforting – definitely going to give it a try once the weather cools down a bit more in LA. Cheers!

  106. Gourmet Creations


  107. Raffaella

    first time on this blog, it is simply stunning! beautiful photos and lovely layout, two thumbs up!

  108. The Saffron Girl

    I just discovered your blog. What beautiful photography! I love mole.. was in Mexico recently and also had it frequently. A lovely recipe and story to go with it! I’m becoming your follower. 😉

  109. Kelly

    I too had Oaxacan mole in Mexico almost every single day. I have tried stuff here in the States, made by Mexicans, but it never tasted the same. This recipe looks like it is going to work. Thank you for sharing.

    Wishing you and your family the best.

  110. Alicia @ Treble Tart

    Holy mole! 😉 Congratulations, Kelsey!!! What exciting news! I wish you both the best, most wonderful of times while you plan your beautiful wedding!

  111. Alicia

    Congratulations Kelsey and Shaun!!

  112. Drew

    You are a master of words and suspense, I literally yelled “woo!” when I read it. :) Congrats!

  113. Rebecca

    Again, Kelsey, I just think you are a beautiful, beautiful soul and I’m happy for y’all and holding hearts is forever the gift. Someone on the baseball field, in your most recent post, says, “Tell people you love them while they can hear you,” this was one of my major lessons in life. Say it a million times over, even when there are the days when you don’t talk, because we never know when the universe is going to hand us our card. Beautifully may y’all live, vibrantly may you grow, and may your togetherness birth all sorts of amazing joy into your lives. XOXO

  114. Lindley

    Where can you find chihualces (Oaxacan) chiles, or what can be substituted for them? Thanks!

  115. Andra

    Long time reader, first time posting… love love love your work.
    Congratulations on your engagement! This post was especially beautiful.
    I live in the middle-of-nowhere Montana- wouldn’t trade it for anything- but I sure miss great grocery stores and farmers markets. So, lacking access to interesting dried chilies, I ordered a bunch of amazing chilies online to make your mole (so so excited)… But, in looking at your photos, your chilies look way different than what I ordered based on your ingredient list. What are the long, skinny, bright red chilies in your bowl?
    And, did you seed the peppers before soaking, or leave them all in?
    Thanks in advance!

  116. heather

    Just started reading your blog and am loving it. I’m not one to comment on things but wanted to let you know I too am getting married next June by a mountain (the mountain my fiance proposed to me on that is by his parent’s home). Mountains are the place to be in my opinion and optimal for celebrating new beginings :) Congrats and best of luck.

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  118. Colleen

    Congrats! I’m generally a lurker on here but I couldn’t resist congratulating you two. Your blog is always full beautiful photos and beautiful words, it’s so inspiring. I discovered the website when I was planning my own wedding last year. It was a great help with DIY ideas and the like.

  119. Chitra

    Am just catching up with your posts this week. Congratulations on the engagement! These enchiladas look amazing and definitely worthy of a momentous occasion:)

  120. Simon

    Wow! This looks absolutely delicious :) will definetly be trying it. I have started a blog of my own, it’s just a baby but if people want to check it out, its sign up if you like it. Thank you :) Simon p.s congrats on the wedding!

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  124. Bec

    Congratulations! On the wedding and the mole. Both equally!!! It looks amazing.

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