Chard Pesto Linguine

Chard Pesto Linguine www.happyolks.comChard Pesto Linguine www.happyolks.comChard Pesto Linguine www.happyolks.comChard Pesto Linguine

“I took you by the hand and we stood tall,

Remembered our own land, what we lived for.

And there will come a time, you’ll see, with no more tears.

And love will not break your heart, but dismiss your fears.

Get over your hill and see what you find there,

With grace in your heart and flowers in your hair.”

Mumford / Sons

Chard Pesto Linguine www.happyolks.comChard Pesto Linguine www.happyolks.comChard Pesto Linguine www.happyolks.comChard Pesto Linguine

Linguine with Chard Pesto

  • 1 large bunch (or more) rainbow chard (lightly de-ribbed)
  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • 1 cup pine nuts
  • Juice of 3 lemons
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • dash of salt
  • 1 tsp paprika
  • 1/4 cup Pecorino Romano
  • 1/4 cup Parmasean Reggiano
  • One package dried pasta of choice

In a large food processor, combine all the ingredients, except for the cheese, until completely pureed. Add cheeses last, and blitz together or an additional 1-2 minutes. Toss pesto with cooked pasta.

Chard Pesto Linguine

  1. Selina

    I do not only adore your blog and this recipe – i absolutely love Mumford and Sons, and especially these lines.

  2. Erin

    Oh! Those are my favorite lines from that album Love all the photos in this post, just perfect!

  3. sarah

    This is stunning. Brought some sun into my cloudy, crabby morning.

  4. Ashley

    So, so pretty. Happy weekend, friend.

  5. Jacqui

    These images are absolutely stunning you two! And I really need a bowl of warm pasta for the rainy day we’re having today.

  6. Carin

    Mumford & Sons AND chard!!!! An excellent post!
    I can’t wait to make this!
    Thank you!!!

  7. David

    So so beautiful! Those photos are stunning.

  8. Edith

    Mumford and Suns are wonderful! And so are your pictures :)

  9. Hailey

    Beautiful images, as always. I absolutely love (and I mean LOVE) that last photo.

  10. Michelle

    Beautiful lyrics for beautiful food. I almost went with a pesto lasagna tonight!

  11. Renee

    Just perfect.

  12. sara

    short but sweet. so perfect. I’ve made pesto with kale a few times but have an abundance of chard from my csa so this seems mighty appropriate.

  13. Kathryn

    Perfect and beautiful. Thanks Kelsey.

  14. Jeanine

    love! your photos are so stunning…

  15. Laura

    Sunshine! Happy messes! So. Much. Chard. Goodness. *heart explodes*

  16. Ruth

    I love your food photography so much! (recipe too 😉

  17. thelittleloaf

    Gorgeous, I love the idea of substituting chard for basil.

  18. Kasey

    You are such a creative soul, friend. This just soars.

  19. Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar

    This is so beautiful! I love your pictures!

  20. Amanda Michelle @ Pretty Little Vegan

    Ooohhhh I LOVE pesto. This looks amazing!!

  21. Adrianna @ A Cozy Kitchen

    YES! I’m so into playing with different types of pestos right now. This chard pesto looks amazing.

  22. molly

    love it.
    all of it.
    you as well.
    flowers in your hair, indeed.

  23. Sara

    These photos are absolutely gorgeous! And given that I’m completely obsessed with pestos of all flavours and types, I think I’ll have to give this one a try.

  24. Kathryne

    That hill is a tough one to climb. Love this post, love all the movement in the photos, and can’t ever get enough pesto.

  25. Valerie

    Beautiful. The linguine, the photos, the quote…everything. :)

  26. Kankana

    I make pesto with almost any kind of greens but never tried with chard yet. Love the photos as always and now I feel like making pasta for dinner!

  27. Adrienne

    I love everything about this beautiful post.

  28. Hilary


    Also, can I just say, random as it may be, I adore your Happyolks playlist on 8tracks. It is the best background for studying in the entire universe. For realsies.

  29. Hb

    I just found your wonderful blog via “Healthy Green Kitchen” and I love it! Great recipes and beautiful pictures! Thank you!

  30. Courtney

    Love the idea of a chard pesto, and some Mumford & Sons. Beautiful photos and colors :)

  31. Lena

    I have a bunch of red chard in the fridge that I got at the farmers market yesterday, and I think making this pesto out of it could make me and my boyfriend very happy people.

  32. Christine (matimuk)

    pure inspiring..

  33. Jen

    Great idea to use chard to make pesto! I love hearty greens, and am always looking for new ways to prepare them.

  34. Art & Lemons

    “Get over your hill and see what you find there…” Love, a picnic, and this pesto. All of it—so good!

  35. Brian @ A Thought For Food

    I just adore that song and that specific passage is beautiful. And what does one say about this recipe? There are just too many things that I love. First off, I’ve made pesto of every kind… maybe with the exception of chard. So, I have to make that right away!

  36. Chelsea Hansen

    This sounds incredible! I wish I was eating this now.

  37. Vincenzo

    Wow, beautiful pictures!

  38. Kate

    I adore any blog post that tells a story clearly in the photos chosen. This is a stunner. Thank you.

  39. brandi

    love chard, LOVE Mumford. beautiful.

  40. El

    You made my day with your post. I just bought a ton of swiss chard before the farm closed and had no idea what to do with it. I can’t wait to try your recipe.

  41. Laura

    ciao I’m an italian foodblogger. I found your site and I’m really astonished because it’s wonderful! I love your recipes and the photos …the photos which magistrally can capture the movement in the kitchen!



    p.s forgive me for my terrible english

  42. ali

    I have been making this with mustard greens. Delish. It has some real punch. Love the look of the new site. Tried to leave a comment on the lentil salad, but I think I did something wrong…technology confuses me. That salad looks unbelievably delicious.

  43. Julia

    Chard pesto sounds wonderful and healthful! I love using chard in just about everything and have never made a pesto out of it, so I’m excited to try your recipe! I’m new to your site (saw the linguine picture on pinterest) and am very impressed. Your post is beautiful and I’m looking forward to checking out more of your recipes! :)

  44. Laura

    Love Mumford and Sons and their meaningful lyrics. Always leaves me thinking about lots. As did your blog. I came across it today, and you are a gorgeous writer. I know that overwhelming feeling you speak of where you just have to write right now, or else t will take over your whole being. Thanks for sharing!

  45. Belen


    I just wanted to thank you for this amazing; Shaved Brussels Sprouts, Lentils, Bacon, and Pear Salad. I so absolutely and enjoyed every bit of it and as did my guests. Much thanks once again and Happy New Year!

    Chin chin!!


  46. Christine

    please subscribe me to your emails

  47. christine

    I just stumbled upon your beautiful corner of the internet and made this meal for dinner. So perfect.

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  49. rencontre gratuit

    You could definitely see your skills within the article you write. The world hopes for more passionate writers such as you who aren’t afraid to mention how they believe. At all times follow your heart.

  50. Jadi

    Fantastic recipe!! I just made this tonight and it was a huge success! Never knew you could do such a delightful pesto with Chard. Thank you!!! And, beautiful photos….

  51. thefolia

    I know what I’m making for lunch tomorrow! Happy Nesting.

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