Kimchi Ramen

Happyolks | Kimchi Ramen Happyolks | Kimchi Ramen Happyolks | Kimchi Ramen Happyolks | Kimchi Ramen

The table is set, and our glasses are full,
Though pieces go missing, may we still feel whole. 
We’ll build new traditions in place of the old, 
Life without revision will silence our souls. 

Let the bells keep on ringing, 
Making angels in the snow, 
May the melody disarm us when the cracks begin to show.
Like the petals in our pockets, may we remember who we are,
Unconditionally cared for by those who share our broken heart.

— Ryan O’Neal

   listen here

Happyolks | Kimchi Ramen Happyolks | Kimchi Ramen Happyolks | Kimchi Ramen Happyolks | Kimchi Ramen Happyolks | Kimchi Ramen Happyolks | Kimchi Ramen Happyolks | Kimchi Ramen

Kimchi Ramen

  • Traditional Kimchi recipe from Food & Wine
  • 2 cups ramen or soba noodles
  • 1/2 cup sliced green onion
  • 1 poached egg
  • 2 cups quick broth
  • — 4 cups water
  • — 1 onion
  • — 1/2 apple, sliced
  • — 3 lemon slices
  • — 1/4 cup sliced shallots
  • — 5 garlic cloves
  • — 1″ nub ginger
  • — 1/2 cup kimchi
  • — 3 tbsp miso paste


For the broth, mix together all ingredients (save for the miso) and simmer for 30 minutes. Mix in miso after 30 minutes and remove from heat. While the broth simmers, cook the noodles, slice the green onions, and poach an egg with your method of preference.

Combine Noodles, 1 heaping cup of kimchi, 1/2 cup green onions and pour over 2 cups of broth and top with egg.

** I quadrupled my batch of Kimchi and am letting it continue to ferment for New Years gifts, it makes 8 quarts if you’re wondering!

*** Special thanks to New West Knifeworks for sending me a collection of knives to try. They’re beautiful and if you’re going the gift-route for the holidays, I highly recommend this Wyoming based company.

Happyolks | Kimchi Ramen Happyolks | Kimchi Ramen Happyolks | Kimchi Ramen Happyolks | Kimchi Ramen

  1. dixya

    this looks so good. I love kimchi and always get it from Korean store, I will have to look into making my own.

  2. lesley

    this looks amazing

  3. Sophia

    I adore kimchi and have a tendency to add a spoon to pretty much anything else savoury I am eating. I also love it in quesadillas or fried rice. I have yet to make ramen with it but love the idea – I always like having pickles or lime juice on the side when I am eating ramen, creates the perfect contrast to a rich broth and helps cut through some of the richness of some stocks!

  4. Sini | my blue&white kitchen

    I loved the words by Ryan O’Neal, read through them two, maybe even three times. They talked straight to my heart. And the ramen? Beautiful as always, Kelsey. I really should make kimchi. Like seriously.

  5. Alex

    Needed this poem / song today. Beautiful post and thanks for sharing.

  6. Elizabeth

    Sometimes it’s so hard to keep an eye on what matters this time of year––you and Ryan O’Neal have nailed it. And this ramen seems like the perfect healing balm for all kinds of holiday stress.

  7. Cindy

    I grew up with kimchi and love, love, love it with all things. Ramen may be one of the best ways to enjoy it. This looks absolutely delicious.

  8. Katrina @ WVS

    I am absolutely in love with this!

  9. Allison (Spontaneous Tomato)

    Yum! So many of my favorite things, all together in one bowl! That broth sounds interesting, easy, and awesome; I’ll have to give it a try. Luckily I already have all of the ingredients. :) And that poached egg looks so so perfect! I want to eat that bowl right now. For breakfast.

    I wonder, though, if your kimchi has already been moved into a fridge for longer-term storage, and is not just sitting out at room temperature, doing its fermenty thing, if the cold temperature of the kimchi would take away from the warm, spicy, coziness of the soup– I totally want to try adding kimchi to ramen (I already add it to kimchi jjigae and kimchi nabe– a Japanese take on Korean flavors), but I think first I might try quickly sauteeing it to warm it up. I also love what sauteeing does to the flavor of kimchi!

    Anyway GENIUS idea for a colorful, delicious, quick dinner.

  10. Jenny

    Oh man, Dann and I had life-changing ramen in LA last spring and we’ve been trying it everywhere we can find it in Denver since. This looks delicious. Poached egg?

  11. Margarita

    i love, love, love korean food. it took me a while to like kimchi, but i kept at it… after 4-6 tries, i was hooked. i travelled to korea in 2008 and fell in love with everything i ate… most especially all the different kimchi varieties. it never occurred to me to make my own. thanks for linking to the kimchi recipe and thanks for this heartwarming noodle dish!

  12. Supal {chevrons and eclairs}

    This looks absolutely perfect for an easy deep winter dinner! x

  13. Kelly

    Yes! I’ve been making kimchi stew lately because it was my favorite dish at City O’ City in Denver… Which I miss so much!! I’ve never gotten around to photographing and posting it. Yours looks beautiful Kelsey! Thank you!

  14. Lindsay

    Of all the food photos I’ve come across, this has made me the most hungry. Holy moly – that looks tasty!

  15. Crista

    Great Recipe!! Thanks for sharing!! xox

  16. Nicola Galloway

    I have to make kimchi now… thanks for the reminder.

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  18. Emma

    Yum to all of this. Yes.

  19. Jeanettes | Jeanette's Healthy Living

    I love Kimchi noodles this time of year – so heart warming!

  20. Lauren

    This looks so perfect for a cold winter day. Confession: I just tried kimchi for the first time earlier this year. And I loved it!

  21. m @ handfuls the blog

    i am always so inspired by your photography!

  22. Belinda@themoonblushbaker

    Such beautiful post, I love the poached egg photo. I remember the first time i tried kimchi, it was in Korea with a bowl of stone rice. SO good, tangy and hot. This post just reminded me of that fond memory, and beat it would be even better if i had ramen!

  23. sara forte

    what a great gift idea. I love edible gifts that are not necessarily sweets. I hope you’re feeling better, miss, this looks like it would certainly help. Ps. Also loving the song.

  24. Lokness @ The Missing Lokness

    What a beautiful blog! The pictures are stunning too. A hot bowl of noodles is what I want right now in this cold weather. Thanks for sharing!

  25. Kathryn

    This is pretty much all I want to eat right now. So good.

  26. shelly @ohshellsbells

    i can’t wait to get back home and make this. looks just too good not to try.

  27. Emily

    Great recipe, thanks a lot!

  28. Holly @ The Modern Proper

    sound so so good. and darling quote by Ryan O’Neal. Adding this one to the weeks dinner musts!

  29. Sohyun

    What a lovely blog! I like this Kimchi noodle a lot. It will be great if you fry kimchi which I always do. 😀

  30. lynne

    You are a wonderful teacher and I, your grateful student. I’m making kimchi today. It will be the perfect gift for my husband and your dish will be dinner soon. Thank you.

  31. Bobbi

    I love kimchi so, so, so much. This looks amazing.

  32. Kasey

    Oh, Kelsey. You’ve done it again. Personally, I could eat kimchee straight from that giant jar, but stirred into soup? I’ll take it, too. Wishing you and S the happiest, festive holiday season. Much love to you pretty girl x.

  33. Brandon @ Kitchen Konfidence

    Lovely! It’s cold here in San Diego tonight, and I am craving a nice warm bowl of ramen :)

  34. Irina @ wandercrush

    I am so in love with Shaun’s action shots of you in the kitchen. And this ramen! There’s nothing like the spice and tang of kimchi on a cold winter’s day… I’m always reminded of how Korean fare tastes even better after a day out at the ski slopes this time of year. I hope you’re having a lovely holiday season so far!

  35. rebekka

    Beautiful, stunning, lovely.

  36. Rex Fuller

    I love both korean and japanese food! this is an amazing recipe! thanks for sharing!

  37. Mr Mark Biddiscombe

    I have been searching for a new holiday destination and I think You have helped Me plan My next vacation. Korea seems like the perfect place with meals as delicious as this one looks. Thank You.

  38. Kate

    A steaming bowl of ramen with still bouncy noodles is perfect winter food. I have a sort of mundane question, which is, what is your preferred method for poaching eggs? I have read and heard many methods but they all contradict and for me, rarely are consistent. Although I do admit I should probably just practice more! Thanks and Happy New Year.

  39. lynne

    Made this. Loved this. Delicious.

  40. Emily


  41. erin

    how many does this serve?

  42. Danijela

    Do you have a good kimchi recepie to share?

  43. 汉族/何


  44. Lynn

    Can you direct me to the recipe for “quick broth” that you mention in the ramen recipe? Thanks!

  45. Beautifood

    wow so easy and so wonderful :) especially for these cold days!
    if you’re interested, you can check :)

  46. Andrea @ Vibrant Wellness Journal

    I’ve been making kim chi miso soup with the soba Koyo noodles. Those really are my favorite brand, though I’ve not tried the ramen noodles. I love the care you took with the green onion, makes everything so much prettier.

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  48. Iquo

    This looks delicious! I love Kimchi and Korean food!

  49. Keri S. Gould

    This last weekend I was taken under by a fever and mostly lived off of miso soup made with vegetable and konbu broth. At first just in a cup drunk like tea, then I moved on to noodles. Reading your similar account made me feel all warm and fuzzy, right, that’s probably still the mild fever I’m working on. I’m glad to see someone else who mixes misos, I thought I was just being weird. I like red and white miso with somen noodles and green onions. I also like making it with oatstraw tea sometimes. There is a tasty recipe for walnut miso sauce in the Moosewood Cookbook too, very good.

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  51. Adam

    This recipe is amazing, we have made it a few times now. Do you by chance have a recipe for Kimchi?

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  55. Gigi

    This looks Sooooooo good! And I absolutely LOVE Kimchi! Does anyone have a fairly traditional recipe for KimChi? Most I have tried locally (to me in Iowa) are sweet and that’s not the way my father’s tasted. He passed away several years ago and I have no idea how to get his recipe. His recipe came from our Korean neighbors and smelled bad but boy did it taste good! I too, ate it with just about anything! Even used to put it on baked potatoes!!! I would be forever grateful for a recipe that was like his!!!! Thanks!

  56. Kai

    Great recipe! Beautiful photos! I’m very impressed with your blog!

  57. Marissa Luck

    You are just amazing!

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  59. Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen

    After a bad homemade ramen experience, I was hesitant to give ramen broth making at home another try…but with a batch of kim chi from my local Asian market in hand, I set to work. The broth was so fragrant and tasty that it almost didn’t even make it to the complete dish! I may have eaten leftovers for breakfast…

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