What does Happyolks mean? 

One evening in 2009 I was baking a cake in Shaun’s studio apartment when I cracked three eggs into a bowl and one of the yolks split open, hugging the other two still intact. I looked down at this egg-smile thing and called Shaun from across the room to come check out my “happy yolks.” A few days later it was official. I created a blog using a pre-formatted wordpress layout and began journaling what I was cooking and inspired by.

Why and how did you get started? 

The truth is, there was no deliberate start or goal in mind when I set up the account and purchased the URL. I had absolutely zero concept of what was out there on the web. I didn’t read blogs, let alone food blogs, before that point. Names like Deb Perleman, Heidi Swanson, Molly Wizenburg, Luisa Weiss, Sara Forte, or Shauna Ahern meant nothing to me. I wandered along, just jotting things down until comments started popping up here and there. Slowly, I realized I was swimming in this massive sea of food writers and recipe developers. Both intrigued and inspired, I spent a good six months just observing voice and visual perspective while I maintained a full-time course load at The University of San Diego, worked  with various non-profit organizations, and pursued my yoga teaching license. In August of 2010 I left for a four month excursion through Africa and Asia, and Happyolks was left to rest. I returned to the states in 2011 with a full heart and a desire to immerse myself into a project that would help me re-adust to “real life” again. What exists now is the product of my constant call to experiment with writing, seek human connection, and create food that nurtures both tummy and soul. Shaun has worked with equal intention to stretch and develop this space visually and emotionally through imagery and video.

Where do your recipes come from? 

On Happyolks you’ll find a blend of original recipes and adaptations from a variety of cookbooks, magazines, and blogs. I have zero formal culinary training, just a B.A. in International Politics and English Lit. Everything I know has been passed from my mother, through observation, and in trial/error. You will find credits in the footnotes of each recipe from where I drew any inspiration. I always welcome feedback about clarity of written instruction.

Will you respond if I comment? 

I try my best to reply to each comment personally and individually via email, not within the comments section. There are weeks when I fall off the wagon, but maintaining meaningful dialogue with my readers is the most important part of this site.

What kind of camera equipment does Shaun use? 

Shaun shoots with a Canon 5D Mark III. We tend to stick to two lenses: a 50mm 1.2 and 24-70mm 2.8.

Will you review my product? 

I do not provide product reviews on Happyolks unless the book, brand, or gizmo is something I personally love and think my readers will love too. I do not accept gifts or products in exchange for a review. If you are a PR representative seeking free promotion for a book, chef, restaurant opening, or kickstarter,  I will most likely not respond to your request. If you are interested in paid partnership or promotion, please visit my advertising marketplace.