Camp Cobbler


“If you are divided from your body, you are also divided from the body of the world. Which then appears to be other than you, separate from you, rather from the living continuum to which you belong.” — Eve Ensler 

This theme, that of the body and women, and our constant attempts to correct or control what is lacking of our physical selves and in our lives has come up in too many conversations lately. With dear friends, young and old, wise our chats have led to, among many things, some variation of the question: why, when everything feels out of control, do we sometimes turn on our bodies? In some last ditch effort to keep things together, we, women, often become these punishing, masterful tyrants, who live secretly in the shadows of our self-consciousness and inadequacy and restrict and pinch and squeeze and shudder at all that our bodies lack. In the name of health, deprive ourselves of the joy  we deserve and mask the deep disequilibrium in the vessel we inhabit. As Eve says, we are then divided. Our bodies become an object to fix, and then too does the world. The world is not an object. Your body is not an object.

I read something in an Oprah Magazine on a flight home from college a few years ago that still haunts me. There was this featurette on women in their 60’s and 70’s espousing the joys of finally coming into their own skin in their later decades. It featured a photo series of women, beautiful, eyes closed, laughing, wind blowing in their wavy grey hair. They all looked so happy, genuinely, finally, happy. I was happy for them, too. I also felt like I was going to throw up. The idea that I, and all women my age, might spend the next 40 years of our lives unhappy with and at war against our bodies was terrifying. I tore out the pages of the spread and stuffed them in a textbook tucked in the seat-back pouch, closed my eyes and thought, “I don’t want to wait that long… I can’t wait that long” What if I don’t even get that long? I mean, how dare I waste this time? No way, no how. Self-love is not a rite of passage,not  something we are entitled to only after years of suffering.

I’m not entirely sure where I’m going with all of this, but I’m not trying to stand on a soap box to convince you to love your body — there are women leading that call-to-action with much greater poeticism and punch than I ever could. Of course, if I were sitting on the back porch with you tomorrow night, I’d promise you and plead, with deep conviction and sincerity, that you are the most powerful and beautiful creature on the planet. Yet I do want to tell you one thing: go outside. Get out in the sunshine and warm air and away from the noise of the city and your routine and let your limbs take you places and show you parts of the earth and the living continuum to which you belong. The closer you get to nature, the harder it will be to hate your body. You belong to these places. They will remind you of your goodness and beauty and strength that you may have forgotten lives in you. It takes nearly four hours to summit 3,800 feet of a mountain like one we filmed above. As the altitude increases, our pace tempers and at each pause for oxygen, I stand filled with so much gratitude for what my body is, for what it does, for how hard it works to bring me to these places. Here, in the wildest parts of the earth, I know in my heart I lack nothing. Every maddening, dark thought or ill will I have felt towards myself in the past is dismissed and deep love and care fills the vacuum it left behind. You may not need to climb to 14,000 feet to find this peace. Maybe you’d like to learn to hula hoop, swim backstroke in a lake, train for a 5k fun run. I don’t care. Something. Move. Breathe. Look out and look in. Watch how much your body allows you to do and feel. Give thanks. Be kind. Let’s not wait until we’re 70 to feel good about the vessel we landed to change the world from. There is freedom in appreciation given.

Kelsey Brown & Mt. Huron

Camp Cobbler 

Adapted from Nicole Spiridakis, for NPR Kitchen Window

Folks, this is killer. For what this cobbler lacks in beauty it makes up ten-fold in taste, especially after a full day on the move. Not much mise en place when it comes to camp cooking, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Any summer fruit combination will do. I had strawberries and rhubarb on hand for this trip. I imagine peaches, plums, cherries, or blackberries will be fantastic as they come into season this summer.


  • 2 lbs strawberries, hulled and halved
  • 2 stalks rhubarb, sliced
  • 1/2 cup sugar



  • 3 cups flour (I used pastry)
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 8 tablespoons (1 stick) unsalted butter, cut into small pieces
  • 2 cups buttermilk


At home: Mix together the dry ingredients, except sugar, and place in a bag or tupperware. Pack sugar separately. Measure out the buttermilk and transfer to a small container.

In camp: Set up the fire and place a grill about 4 inches above the flame. If you forget a grate (oops) create a rock formation to protect the iron from direct flame. Cut the fruit into chunks and toss with the sugar. Add the fruit to a heavy, cast-iron 5-quart Dutch oven or a deep cast-iron skillet.

For the biscuits, place the pre-mixed dry ingredients in a bowl. Cut the butter into the flour mixture until the butter is the size of small peas. Stir in the buttermilk, just until the batter comes together.

Drop dollops of the dough in an even layer over the fruit. Cover the Dutch oven and put the cobbler over the fire pit. Cook until the biscuits are cooked all the way through, about 30 minutes.

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  2. lucent imagery

    Girl, I’m so glad you found my blog recently. To be introduced to your words has been a privilege. Like most women, I am critical of the changing bits as I get older. But overall I’m still happier within myself than I was 10 years ago. Funnily enough, it’s the part of my body that doesn’t work well that makes me so appreciative of some things. I’m so glad that my failing eyesight has taught me life lessons that some may never learn, and I’m so grateful that I can experience the world by walking on my own two legs through it. Walking gives me freedom when my eyes are taking some away.


  3. Anouk

    your beautiful story + video brought tears to my eyes – in a good way that is. would really love to do a double-camping-date with you guys.


  4. Bowen

    This is so timely; I was actually just at the computer looking for camp recipe ideas! I’ll be spending most of July in my tent and living out of my backpack … any other ideas for camp cooking, especially for backpacking? I’m woefully out of practice and can’t seem to come up with many good ideas. Beautiful video!


  5. Danielle

    I’m practically speechless. Thank you.

    And now that I think about it–it’s when I moved to Paris and took up walking to and from everywhere, that I reached the greatest content with my body. Amazing.


  6. JC Carter

    This was so beautifully written.
    Thank you!


  7. Quinn Cooper

    This video is super inspiring and just plain pretty.
    The light the food, everything about it made me happy.
    I hope we can all be happy with our bodies and self before we hit 60 or 70.
    Thanks for sharing.
    xo Quinn

    Quinn Cooper Style


  8. Patrice

    You are so right! Don’t wait! However I think those women were talking about a state of being that can only be reached through the process of living! Life unfolds and it can’t be rushed or pushed. I am one of those women in her 50’s that love being who I am. But all the time I spent feeling uncomfortable got me where I am now. I am not sure it could have happened any other way.

    I love your blog and am always so happy when I see your posts. The video was great.



  9. Amanda

    This brought tears to my eyes. Absolutely beautiful and inspiring. I know so many women (myself included) who need these moments to remind them of their beauty and worth. Thank you so much.


  10. Shanna

    This is amazing.


  11. Georgia Wilson

    Kelsey, this is so beautiful. I have found this post at a perfect time. Im currently struggling with my body issues, and I tell myself all the time “be greatful-your body works, your body is perfect”. I agree with you wholeheartedly, our bodies are merely homes for our souls and minds. Yours is beautiful. Thank you for putting yourself out there, and reassuring to me that I can be happy and beautiful no matter what the scales say. Thank you thank you thank you xx


  12. Kaitlynk

    Exactly what I needed to read this morning. Thanks for re-centering me. It is a curious thing how we all are connected. I wish we were more aware of our common struggles. Thanks for opening the circle.


  13. Megan Gordon

    Man could we have used this a few weeks ago on our quick little campout. So awesome. LOVE the video. Phew, makes me miss Colorado.


  14. Nora

    Beautiful video. Beautiful imagery. And most especially, beautiful words. At 21, I am trying all I can to hammer this very mindset into my being. It takes constant reminding these days, but I’m hoping I get to the point of loving and appreciating what I have now instead of in 40 years.

    Thanks so much for sharing this.


  15. Melissa

    Wow! That is an amazing video! Love the hiking, the camping, and that cobller looks delic. How perfect.


  16. Clare

    Ah, Kelsey, you may not be “leading” the movement, but we are all contributing to it with our attitudes, consciousness and willingness to be boldly OKAY with who, how we are. You do that so brilliantly here and trust that that message spreads outwards to corners you couldn’t possibly see. I so appreciate you writing something about body image… the food you feature here promotes such a healthy relationship with what we put in our bodies. Take care, and thank you!


  17. holly

    lovely, inspiring stuff my lady – both spiritually and creatively.

    it’s funny, my mom + i were talking recently and she mentioned how as she has grown older, she finds the outdoors / nature to be grounding. she tries to spend as much time outside as possible, as she just feels more herself, happier and okay with the world when she is enjoying what the earth has given us. i’ve been heeding her advice, as too many hours spent in front of the computer trying to do, do, do … more, more, more has taken an exhausting toll on me, more so mentally than even physically.

    anyways, i want to come + visit, if only to go hiking and eat that delicious cobbler. one of my favorite flavor combinations that strawberry and rhubarb.


  18. gillian

    Who plays the song in the video? I love it!


  19. linda mueller

    Beautifully written, full of truth for women and men (many men don’t like their bodies.) As Jesus said, Truth will set you free, and I’ve found it to be so.
    At 30, 40 and 50, I was fit and trim, but didn’t accept my body, it’s conceived flaws. At 60, 50 lbs heavier and a few old injuries come back to bite me, I like my body more than ever. (I look back at my slim photos and grieve a bit, not my fit figure, but that I wasted precious emotional energy believing lies.) My body has served me well: three healthy pregnancies and deliveries; my breasts have fed and nurtured those babies; I can walk, feed myself, cut 4 acres of grass on a tractor, hoe a huge garden, etc. Not without pain, but I can still do it!
    I am truly happy for younger women, like you, who have a handle on Truth – don’t waste any time not liking/loving your body!
    Thank you for making your wise thoughts public.


  20. Adina | Gluten Free Travelette

    Fantastic video! It makes me even more excited that I finally invested in a better camera to shoot some video on our upcoming camping trip through British Columbia. Glad to have come across your site and I’m looking forward to sticking around!


  21. Kankana

    You guys are such an inspiration and I absolutely love your writing Kelsey. I don’t hike a lot but whenever I do I feel so nice and can totally relate to your post. Love that video and that cobbler on the camp, amazing.


  22. Erin

    Beautiful. I just realized this last month that motherhood has changed my perspective on my body. I am sad it took me 27 years to fully appreciate and love it, but better late than never. I so appreciate this post!


  23. Abbe@This is How I Cook

    Everything tastes better when you are outside. And looks better, too! I love car camping. Reminds me I should do it again real soon. Thanks!


  24. Leah

    Lovely, lovely, lovely. I am a canoeing girl myself, but recently transported to a place where canoe tripping is not exactly possible. So, this post was inspiring. There are mountains here! I should plan to go climb one! Bring food and cook it.

    I don’t feel negative towards my body. It might be a miracle that I’m a full grown woman whose never dieted or really “felt fat”. I hear these stories all the time from other women, and in media portrayals of women like the magazine you referenced. But I really don’t feel that way and haven’t. Sometimes it makes me feel a bit out to sea, adrift from the womanhood experience. But mostly, I’m happy. I don’t want to hate or dislike any part of my body. And I’m glad I don’t!

    On another note, if you can’t leave the city, there’s nature and wilderness there too! Start a garden on whatever windowsill or patch you can find. It will take you out of your mind and into the experience of each moment. Thanks for sharing!

    (AND: lovely music!)


  25. Kathryn K

    I got a lump in my throat reading this, I can so relate.
    Happy with my body for the most part (need to do crunches) but at 46 I am miserable due to a relationship.
    Anyhoo, I hike often but now that’s it’s getting hot we stop april 1 here in FL.
    I need to get happy again, I’ve always been content and happy , but the last several I have been miserable and life is passing me by, I need to do something


  26. Kathryn K

    I loved your video, forgot to say that.
    I am happy that you are living your life 😉


  27. Rachel

    Beautiful, true words, beautiful video. I climbed that mountain once and I remember all those switchbacks! In the spirit of loving our bodies, eating delicious, campmade cobbler is exactly what we should be doing after summiting a mountain.


  28. Luise

    WOW you two are just awesome! LOVE the video and the recipe, now I want to go hiking :-)
    Best Luise


  29. Juliette

    You got me. I only feel free of this burden when I am in the middle of the woods, back in Italy. Than you for your words, I needed them.



  30. Courtney

    Such a lovely video! It makes me want to get out and travel and experience all of the beauty in nature. I think my soul needs a bit of traveling every now and then.

    I have always been quite critical of myself, never completely comfortable in my own skin. I try to make it a point to focus on what is good without dwelling on the bad. Thanks for another awesome post (and video!) :)


  31. Kelly

    You are a special one. You kindred spirit you, secret soul mate, best friend I have yet to meet. Beautiful words, so true, women are amazing and so are bodies… every single inch, quirk, perfection, freckle, stretch mark, and flubber. Anyways, maybe I’ll met you some day, I’d like to think we might bump elbows in the woods somewhere. This video is wonderful. I’ve played around with a little video making lately but you and your beau have such a talent for it! I’m still working on making something past 10 seconds… lovely source of inspiration, and as always, encouragement.


  32. Kara

    Oh Kelsey, this is so beautiful. Thank you for posting such heartfelt words! I teared up several times, my heart pierced by the sincerity and wisdom.


  33. Sini

    You are so damn talented, girl. I had chills running down my spine reading your words and a wide smile on my face as I watched the video.


  34. Angy

    When I was littler … fresher… tender … more young… not as mature as I am today… there are so many ways to try and say younger but really I am only balking from that word because I don’t believe it means unknowing, less wise… and to admit that I “struggled with anorexia when I was young” and to connect youth with that seemingly unnatural act is to imply that “now I know better… am cured… have recovered” … not true. I am recovered but I still have that scar. The wound is all better but you can still see it. Well I know it’s there and I can show it to you if you like.

    Anorexia – the ultimate disconnection. The crazy attempt to control the uncontrollable. The sad, fractured and lonely mindset that beautiful crazy sexy life is somehow not within me but out there trying to act upon me.

    Nature was one of the most powerful healing forces in my journey through self respect, love and appreciation.
    Seeing – TRULY SEEING – a world that turned itself upside down (literally) to give me the gift of a sunrise, the flight of bird, the touch of the rain. This world was not out to get me. So I stopped trying to stay on the tightrope.
    I fell… I dropped … and the net was there.

    Letting go takes faith. Faith is always rewarded. Faith requires going within and to go within we definitely need to embrace the outer. It’s just a logical step. Nature can be the miraculous mirror that reflects back our worthiness. Existing without judgement to dazzle us every second of every day and night.

    I could not agree more Kelsey. Thank you.

    “No Ceiling”

    Comes the morning
    When I can feel
    That there’s nothing
    Left to be concealed
    Moving on,
    a scene surreal
    Know my heart will never
    Never be far from here

    Sure as I’m breathing
    Sure as I’m sad
    I’ll keep this wisdom
    In my flesh
    I leave here believing
    More than I had
    And there’s a reason I’ll be
    Reason I’ll be back

    As I walk
    the hemisphere
    Got my wish
    to up and disappear
    I been wounded
    I been healed
    Now for landing I been
    Landing I been cleared

    Sure as I’m breathing
    Sure as I’m sad
    I’ll keep this wisdom
    Iin my flesh
    I leave here believing
    More than I had
    This love has got
    No ceiling

    Eddie Vedder


  35. Sarah

    Preach women!! Just emailed this to every lady I hold dear. So necessary. And such beautiful people you are. Late July/early August, look into hiking from Aspen to Crested Butte, over west maroon. The wildflowers peak and the pass is beyond words. You have to go. Have to. No further discussion needed. Xo


  36. sara

    so much goodness here. The video, first off, so fun. I want to come visit and go on an adventure with you guys! Don’t know my sea level lungs could hang, but I need that space. Your words, they sunk in. You are right, there are people leading this charge, but some of it feels a bit played out sometimes. Your words meant something to me. I heard them. So beautiful and meaningful. Thank you for your wisdom. I’ll be revisiting this post and passing it on often.


  37. sophie

    In quietly following your beautiful corner of the internet for some time now, I have reached the point where I would feel remiss in not thanking you for your candid, inspired work. I am full of equal parts envy and empowerment as I reach the conclusion of each of your posts -what a perfect feeling to halo your readers with – especially a reader like me, 21, covered in smudges and scrapes of university and family and love and confusion that I’m convinced will define this decade of my life. Every post of yours brings me a glow, comfort that someone else is out there, also hunting for constellations in the mess. Thank you, Kelsey, for such consistent and heartfelt work on your wonderful blog.


  38. Allison (Spontaneous Tomato)

    Gorgeous video! I enjoyed what you wrote, too– I’m not even an outdoorsy person, but I think you’re right that it’s easier to feel happy about your body when you feel like you belong to nature and when you realize you are just one little part of the whole big picture– going outside is a good way to get out of your own head.

    Also, you are so hardcore making cobbler while camping! I don’t even like to do much slicing of produce while camping– I prefer to bring pre-sliced stuff in tupperware, or stuff that needs no slicing at all– but extra hardcore that you even brought along butter, flour, and milk, and got your hands dirty mixing up the cobbler dough. This confirms my suspicion that I should really someday own a Dutch oven. : )


  39. Batya

    At the age of 37, it’s been my experience that every year of life brings more self-assuredness, more confidence and more acceptance. While I never struggled with body image per se, I had to overcome other struggles–as many do- which involve loss. And what helped heal the pain of mourning was being in nature (and a little bit of time). Our natural environment gives us peace, and quiet, and beauty. And somehow, getting to the most spectacular of those wide open spaces, give us the strength to go on with this wonderful thing called life. As always, your posts are written with such heartfelt words. And your images make me appreciate my adopted state of Colorado for all its beauty and splendor. Oh yes, right, that cobbler looks wonderful too. Your journey is a gorgeous one.


  40. Jacqui

    hell yeah!


  41. Irina @ wandercrush

    This is truly one of the most wonderfully inspiring posts I’ve read and one of the most beautiful videos I’ve seen in the food blog world lately. Thank you so much for putting so much substance into what you share! If anything, I now cannot wait to roll up my sleeping pad and get out far enough from the city to sleep under the stars. It’s so true: “The closer you get to nature, the harder it will be to hate your body. You belong to these places.” It has been too long!
    As a curious design student, may I ask how you filmed and edited your video? It’s stunning.


  42. Laura

    Hugest crush right now. I love this video. I love the food. I love the activity. I love how you guys roll. I might need to read this post again and watch the video again when I start to forget what life is all about. Thank you.


  43. Winnie

    Truly an amazing post, Kelsey. It took me 42 years to really learn to love my body and all it is capable of…love knowing you’ve reached that place so much sooner. You are so wise…thanks for spreading the good word xoxo


  44. kira

    I really needed to read this tonight. thank you
    ps, can you make the text bigger? I am nearly blind and have a hard time reading small computer font


  45. cindy

    I love, love, love the video! so much. and you have totally convinced me to bring my dutch oven camping in a few weeks–it’s a Lake Michigan, walk-in rustic site and I am so excited to get into it and soak in all the nature. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it, but there will definitely be campfire cobbler happening.


  46. Tatiana

    I’d like to say these simple words to you: You are living the dream. Not everyone’s dream, no great american novel, but the dream that we all have in some form or other. Your dream is the one where we all get to smile a little, eat a little (or a lot), and settle into that calm quiet place that often escapes us in daily life. You’re making this world a nicer place to live in, one trendy-ass video at a time. Kudos, keep writing, keep cooking, and keep inspiring.


  47. Jen

    The happiest I ever have been with my body was right after I had my son. It was probably the oxitocin zipping through my every fiber of my body, but I never felt more confident, powerful, and fulfilled as a woman. I can see why someone at 60 would be able to look back on a life well-lived and find some inner peace (with or without having been a mother, just for clarification).


  48. judith

    The cobbler looked fantastic! How hard was it to get all the soot off your Le Creuset? King Ranch Chicken enchiladas is one of my favorite dutch oven recipes. Rotisserie chicken (de-boned and bagged for travel) cream of chicken soup (we put ours in a vacuum seal bag, takes less space) chopped red bell pepper (bagged) spices to taste and tortillas (soft corn or flour). Just alternately layer chicken and soup with torn tortillas and heat over the coals, once you see the soup bubbling up around the top layer of tortillas, top with cheddar cheese. Serve with salsa when cheese is melted. Also check out


  49. Laurie

    I wanna be there enjoying a strawberry and bit of rhubarb topped with pastry…..yum! Beautiful in every way.


  50. Nicola Galloway

    What a beautiful post in everyway. As always thanks for your raw and genuine honesty.


  51. Tiffany

    When I knew I was going to be turning 30 – I told myself and my husband that I was, “so over myself” enough with this constant battle of never feeling good enough, always putting myself down, and though grateful – not owning the gratefulness of this body I was given.

    I don’t want this to be a focus anymore, and I don’t want this mental disease to continue its cycle with my own future children the way my own mom did to me. She never liked herself. So I never liked myself. I am not blaming her, she didn’t know any better – I am just saying, you watch and you learn. I want to be what they learn to love.

    I created, owned, and sold my first business which I started at 24. It was during those years that I couldn’t handle everything, so I let myself go. I gained 30 pounds and stopped taking care of myself. When I turned 29 and was starting my second business, I told myself this time – I was not going to let myself go. I’ve sinced lost the weight, but not the shame I put myself through for gaining it in the first place…ridiculous. So when I turned 30 I turned back to exercise the way I use too, and I am finding that even though I haven’t silenced that self-loathing the way I wish (yet) – when I am physically active that voice is faint, and I am happy.

    This is a lot of random thoughts here – but I just wanted to say thank you for your post. Really enjoyed it entirely, and though our insecurities are human – they should never be what defines our outlines against this one life.



  52. erin @

    I read your post, unaware of the impact it would have – I’m 21 and I don’t want to wait, either. I love your words and I love your conviction and I love your commission. Outside is amazing and it’s so sad how little we experience it.
    Then I watched your video and I swear, I almost cried. Then I promised myself that that experience would be mine someday. It may not be exactly the same, but I will have that love and that feeling that those images spread out into the world, even to the other side. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  53. edie

    this post is so incredibly raw and humbling and inspiring (…and i could easily go on and on and on). the combination of your written wisdom, with your vintage video, rustic recipe, and serene backdrop is just…a breath of fresh air. thank you. thank you for sharing your kindred soul with those of us that don’t even know you, but so desperately needed to hear these words.


  54. Lindsey

    I LOVED your video–the simple joy of baking at a camp brought tears to my eyes. And then I read your words, and all I could think was “Amen, sister!” Such beautiful, astute, and necessary wisdom. I know that I find joy in the wonder of my body through yoga–marveling at strength I didn’t know I had. And joy in being alive through daily, simple pleasures–a good conversation, a tasty meal, strawberries growing in a garden–life is too beautiful to spend it at war with our bodies. Thank you for this.


  55. Kathryn

    So beautiful, and so true. Thank you for sharing this, a journey that I and thousands of other women continue on. And the recipe looks WONDERFUL! xo


  56. laura

    The song “Saola” by Beat Connection fits in perfectly with the video.


  57. This American Girl

    Wow, thank you for your beautiful and empowering words. Connecting with my body as part of my SELF is something I have been working on, mostly through traveling this incredible world. I recently did a Temescal, or Indian Sweat Lodge, have you heard of it? It’s a truly amazing ancient ceremony with the intention of reconnecting with mother nature and in effect ourselves. Oh, and the cobbler sounds DELISH :) Maybe I can prepare it over a fire on the beach!


  58. Brandon @ Kitchen Konfidence

    LOVED the video. Congratulations on completing the climb. I also really enjoyed the message that followed. I’m not a woman, but I can certainly relate. I often find that when I am stressed or having a bad day, I can become overly critical about my body. Thanks for helping realize this pattern 😉


  59. Amanda // The Cottonwood Journals

    Hi Kelsey,

    Thanks for the great post. I think everyone who comments here, and those that don’t, somehow feel as if you are speaking directly to each of us, on your back porch, over a glass of wine. You have a way with words. I’m so excited for you and your continued ventures with writing.

    This particular piece really hit home today. I have not been feeling true in my skin as of late, and as I am about to embark on a summer adventure to Alaska, with so many questions and worries and insecurities, your words were just what I needed today. So, thank you.



  60. Mary @ Fit and Fed

    Gorgeous video, makes me want to get up in the mountains and cross a snowfield! I’m awed that you carried in that heavy Dutch oven and created such a treat to savor in camp. I’m glad you’re cultivating and promoting acceptance of women’s bodies, though when I read Ensler’s quote about being divided from our bodies, my first thought was that she was referring not to body shape but to sexuality. That’s certainly a big part of what society feels it has to control, shape, and approve or disapprove of in women.


  61. Em

    I will try your recipe over the weekend. I have have some rhubarb from may weekly organic box and was not sure what to do with it.thank you.


  62. in the mood | Delightful Crumb

    […] discussed the subject with the lady myself, I was so glad to read Kelsey’s smart, insightful post on the theme of women and the body. Some truth: Let’s not wait until we’re 70 to feel […]

  63. Claire @ Health Nut Claire

    I can’t get over how incredible your photography is!


  64. Kiran @

    The writing and video — a great reminder of how much we need to enjoy our life. And have cobbler by doing so :)


  65. Katie

    The valley shown in your first picture looks so familiar to me (I grew up in Colorado). Can you say where it is?


  66. Kelsey

    Hi Katie, sure thing! We found this campsite off-trail about 800m from the trailhead of Mt. Huron. 12 miles off US 24 towards the ghost town Winfield and then another 2 miles towards the trailhead. Hope this helps!

  67. mary

    i was first in love with the video and the idea of having a wonderful hike and making cobbler over a fire. this is simply fantastic. but your words are so true. i think we may have read the same Oprah article, I remember having the same thoughts! at the time it felt so overwhelming and unattainable; now i see my happiness with my body as something to works towards and be grateful for. thank god i can breathe, move, and think without the assistance of another person or machine.


  68. Isabel

    Great video and well written story, thank you


  69. so

    so nice, so happy!! thanks.


  70. petal and plume

    words like this are important .. thank you for sharing your wonderful heart


  71. Lydia@2BlueEggs

    just discovered your blog. I am completely floored by the beauty and depth of your writing and photography-another kindred spirit! Thanks for this recipe ! I am camping in the Shenandoah area next week and will be trying it.


  72. Sini

    I didn’t make a “camp cobbler” yesterday. I made a “summer cottage by the lake cobbler”. Didn’t make a fire but messed around our little stove top as the pan was a bit too small and the dough rised so extremely well 😉 Adventure cooking. Lots of laughter. What a delicious mess indeed! My first cobbler by the way. Don’t judge. I’m a Scandinavian girl.


  73. Rachel

    Love the video! You are so adventurous, a very admirable trait. Everything was beautiful about this post, thanks for sharing your heart. Cheers,


  74. Anouk

    Just wondering: no troubles getting those fire marks removed from your cast iron pot? I recently found a gorgeous cheap-ass 2nd-hand cast iron wok!! /Jumping around/ Would love to cook from that cutie soon!!


  75. Kelsey

    Hi Anouk! Actually, no troubles at all! I brought home and immediately through it into the sink basin filled with hot water and Dawn brand soap. I find that it works better than the all-natural stuff I normally use (our secret).

  76. Mariela

    Thank you for the inspiration! It is amazing how easy it is to forget how powerful (and perfect) our bodies are.


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  78. Sofia

    This is my hope: to be aware of this miracle in each moment of each day. We* are one with the earth and with each other; our bodies are a part of the earth as a body. Everything is connected; no individual body or act can be separated from the whole. If we frack the earth, we frack our food, our bodies, our minds. If we torture living creatures, we torture the earth, our bodies and our minds. In a culture of rape, we rape the earth, we rape bodies and minds. When we abuse our resources, we abuse the entirety of the earth, not just one region. We also abuse our minds and our bodies. When we poison one water source, we poison them all, we poison the earth our minds and our bodies. I say this in repetition because this connectedness is something we should all take the time to meditate on.


  79. Cait's Plate

    That video was just about the best thing I’ve ever seen. And that cobbler? There are no words.

    I couldn’t agree more with your sentiments in this post. Beautifully, beautifully put.


  80. chizoba

    the recipe sounds yummy, l enjoy reading your stories..


  81. Emily von Euw

    Love this post + the video. What’s the song featured in video? I love that too!



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  83. nat

    I stumbled upon your profound words about women, and I was reminded how much I have to celebrate in a healthy body, and oh how easy body-slander’ becomes habitual.
    I really like your brain! and your food too,
    I;d love to meet you if you ever travel to the far away islands of New Zealand,
    Kind regards and thankyou.


  84. Ermioni

    Never thought I would get so emotional over a video with a couple camping, hiking and making cobbler. This is what I needed. A reminder of what I need in life. I have been feeling so unmotivated and unsatisfied… the problem: I haven’t been enjoying life outdoors. Your words and video inspired me. Thank you. xox


  85. Emily Amarnick

    I’m so glad I just discovered your blog! This video made my night. So much inspiration in one video. Thank you.


  86. Caitlyn

    I love this idea of camp cobbler! And I love this post.

    I have a question regarding camping. It seems you are an experienced camper. I was wondering if there are any tents you recommend ( I know there are so many and people have different needs/wants. There are light weight for backpacking and heavy for car camping etc. Ones that withstand seasons and ones that don’t. I know there are so many variables/factors in deciding). But as an overall, tent, maybe a middle ground. Or one for car camping etc. Is there a tent you recommend or what tent do you use?

    Thank you SO much! Have a wonderful day.


  87. Shannon

    Love the video as well as your message with this post. Your blog is great! You’ve left me inspired 😀


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  92. Martha

    Love the spirit, put a smile on my face! Thank you


  93. Meagan

    Truth. love this.


  94. Renee

    I LOVE THIS!! I love that you shared this and everything you said. I’m currently enrolled in Life Transformation Project ( which is all about exactly what you are talking about here, self love. At a place in the first week of the program that I was just starting to feel some resistance in opening up to myself, I found what you wrote here and it got me over the hurdle. So thank you. Your words on this page, did the trick for me and I am grateful. I love your site by the way, its a place I will visit often now that I have found it. I’m currently making Brown Rice Milk! xox


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