Together, with Broccoli

We sat on the runway together this morning, looking out the window to a city that doesn’t yet feel like home but beckons us both in ways we don’t really understand yet. Deep breath. Is this it? Is this the next step? The “what ifs” the “yeah, buts” drown out the emergency evacuation tutorial and screaming children behind us. Inside I feel ashamed of my insecurities around the whole thing, but I try to remind that these feeling are, in fact, quite normal. It occurs to me somewhere between Baltimore and Chicago that whatever happens, wherever we go from here, the fact that we’ll be going, doing, succeeding, and failing together is enough to keep me from losing my lunch.

When I find myself in moments of relative panic, I bring together all the absurdly supportive people in my life into vision, and borrow some of their love and light to lock-up the monkey that has become of my mind. This weekend especially, I think of Shaun. I love that despite the fact we’ve been together for six+ years, Shaun still says things that surprise the heck out of me. Little phrases that come out of nowhere that make me find him even more charming than when we first met. “Let’s winterize this place,” he exclaimed last week, slapping his hands together and going on a window-locking spree around the apartment. Sweet nothings aren’t much for me. He knows better than to buy roses from South America. I feel more connected when we’re both sitting at the kitchen island in our sweaty running garb eating eggs and avocado and scratching out budgets for the big road-trip come June on a water-warped legal pad. Shaun only buys red sharpies for some reason, and when he holds the cap in his mouth, adjudicating that we’ll need a cooler in the car for my homemade nut milk and allocating funds for fresh vegetables along the way, I know there is no one on this planet who I would want to climb a mountain or jump the cliff with.

We (humans, partners, friends, family) take turns carrying each other, cheering each other on along the journey. We prop each other up when things feel soggy, sick, or scary. I think most of the time, we don’t even know we’re doing it for one another either. When you become so close, so connected to someone it’s like the dance starts happening on its own and the very nature of our being can be enough to shed light, comfort, or set straight. Seeing Shaun hunched over Southwest Soduku, oddly, does just that for me. When we’re open to it, the innoncence and predictability of what might appear quite mundane can be enough to tickle us pink and shake away the dark parts of the big mystery. Our future destinations and any call to action seems so vast and unknown, except for each other. There will be great changes, but there will be great love. When everything feels like it doesn’t make sense, there will be red sharpies, and we will have one another to hold and tease and carry each other through. Exhale. It’s going to be a great ride.

Before deciding on this recipe for a blog post this week, I had no idea that I would be consuming so many potatoes over the next few days after. In fact, every amazing dinner and rich conversation that we spent with Shaun’s brother Cody and his love, Michelle, involved some variation on the nightshade. So it seems this post turns into my ‘ode to the potato and how it somehow became the conduit for so much good energy, so much love. Heidi uses mustard, tarragon, capers, parsley and a few other goodies in the original recipe. This may be a watered-down rendition, but delicious nonetheless.

Broccoli Gribriche  Adapted from Super Natural Everyday  

  • 1 lb broccoli florets
  • 1 lb fingerling potatoes
  • 1 sweet onion
  • 4 eggs, hard boiled
  • 2 shallots
  • 3 lemons
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 5 tbsp olive oil, divided
  • 1 tsp red wine vinegar
  • salt/pepper to taste

Preheat the oven for 400.’ Rinse and dry the fingerlings. Place on a heavy baking sheet and massage with olive oil and the minced garlic to fully coat. Roast in the oven for about 30 minutes. Halfway through the cooking process, toss broccoli with a bit more olive oil and lay flat onto another heavy baking sheet. Slice 2 lemons to 1/4″ thickness and lay on top of the broccoli. Sprinkle with salt/pepper and roast on the lower rack of the oven until they begin to brown 10-15 minutes. Remove both potatoes and broccoli from the oven and allow to cool for 5-ish minutes.

Saute the onions until browned and set aside to cool. Mash hardboiled eggs roughly in a large bowl with minced shallot, 3 tbsp olive oil, and the vinegar. Toss in the broccoli, potatoes, roasted lemon slices, and the caramelized onions. Stir to coat evenly. Squeeze the juice of the third lemon over the top, and add a pinch more of sea salt.

  1. Michelle

    When you have great people to lean on during those panicky moments, it makes it feel a little less scary and a little more exciting.

    And that gribiche looks deliciously simple. I love it.


  2. Margarita

    Your sweet love is brimming in this post. It is indeed a blessing to have that special someone to really live life with. My boyfriend and I are both at uncertain points in our life where we don’t really know what the future holds…. But we know that we are going to keep making this work and then go from there. Meanwhile, we try to breathe easy and take things one day at a time. Great post and great recipe.


  3. Adrienne @ How to Ice a Cake

    What a sweet post. I hope to find my special person soon. I was actually going to make this recipe yesterday but opted for Heidi’s kale salad instead. So good!


  4. Kate

    Staring down a 10-year anniversary, married to my very own Sharpie wielding, list making love I can sure attest to that feeling of having that fulcrum in life that balances out all the chaos and ‘What if’s’? Someone to smooth out the ruminations in my head, think of the basics that I always forget and stop me from jumping, feet first, into every hare-brained idea that crosses my mind. It’s a think of beauty. Like that broccoli dish.

    Now I need to go get some fingerlings.


  5. Cookie + Kate

    Lovely. So lovely. I enjoyed getting a little glimpse of your Brooklyn trip on Instagram. I was getting hesitant, again, about moving by myself but I had dinner with my closest girl friends a couple of days ago and they reminded me that I have nothing to lose. So I’m going, soon. Can’t wait to follow along as you and Shaun uproot, too. Somehow I feel less alone knowing that others are in the same boat.


  6. lindsay | rosemarried

    I think it’s so important to be thankful for the little things, especially in times of uncertainty. The images you paint in this post are so wonderful (I love the red sharpie!), and I wish you all the best as you consider what the future holds! And, as always, the recipe and photos are stunning.


  7. la domestique

    Such a beautifully written post, Kelsey! I love the way you describe your relationship with Shaun, and find many of the same truths in my marriage. Those moments when a long-time partner surprises you with their words are so special, and a wonderful reminder that us planners cannot predict or know everything that is to come. Here’s to many great adventures!


  8. Thyme (Sarah)

    I still remember packing up P.’s little uhaul. It barely had anything in it because we barely had anything. We drove from NYC all the way up to Michigan. I thought I was crazy to leave the big Apple. We nested up there for 4 years before having our daughter. It was the most wonderful, freeing, bonding time for us. I tend to thrive when things are rather chaotic. I keep trying to look for the joy when things are calm and stable. Good luck to you both…you are off to a terrific start with each other.


  9. Jacquelyn | lark&linen

    This post was really beautiful. If everyone could find joy in sweatpants and eggs with their loved one the world would be a better place!

    I’ll also be trying this recipe – for sure. My stomachs rumbling already!


  10. Sarah

    How fun! I just bought fingerling potatoes at the store today. I’ll have to make something like this. 😀


  11. Jacqui

    We’re going to be taking on a move soon too, although not too far, still a major step for us. Sending good energy your way! And that top photo looks like it has something very familiar looking to me : ) I love untraditional potato salads like this one too!


  12. Cherie Hausler

    Another beautiful post Kelsey. I took my first tea sip as I scanned the beautiful photographs and then my cup was suspended reading your lovely words. This whole thing is a crazy beautiful journey huh? All the better with a good bud who knows how to hold your heart when it needs it. Yay. Here’s cheers to you and your readiness to leap with red sharpies in hand!


  13. Rachel @ Bakerita

    I love Super Natural Every Day. My sister stole my book, and I’ve been fighting her to get it back! Every recipe is incredible, and your photos definitely do this recipe justice. Glad I won’t have to fight for this recipe!


  14. Vanessa

    What a beautiful post and recipe! This reminds be of one of my favorite Brian Andreas quotes: “Feels like some kind of ride, but it’s turning out just to be life going absolutely perfectly.”


  15. Kasey

    Can I just get a holler for love?!?! None of us ever really know for sure what will happen in the future, but what a great ride it is…and frankly, there’s nothing better about the ride than the people who are there alongside us, saying things like ‘let’s winterize this place!’ :) xo


  16. Eileen

    A beautiful post. :) I love sauce gribiche with green veg–and I especially love how you’ve bulked it up with potato. I would absolutely make a full lunch of this. Delicious!


  17. Oana from dishchronicles

    Hollllaaa! Love baby! And I would also like to extend that “holllaaa!” for the gibriche. Ummm, simply amazing.


  18. thelittleloaf

    Moving is such a major upheaval – I totally feel your pain! When I need comfort, I turn to loved ones and food. And what could be more comforting than this fresh, delicious dish? Gorgeous.


  19. Selina

    God, that sounds so beautiful. My heart melts…


  20. Anna

    I just found your blog today, totally by accident. I think it’s just lovely. I will bookmark it! Thank you for such a heartfelt post. It’s just what I needed to read today.


  21. Sara

    I can’t decide what looks better–the just collapsing roast potatoes or the creamy yellow of the yolk. I love gribiche on leeks!


  22. Brian @ A Thought For Food

    This post was so heartfelt… Each word oozes with the love and respect you two have for one another. Sigh… it makes me happy.


  23. Rema

    Beautiful, all of it. Sending lots of love and light along with you on your new adventure.


  24. Amber

    You had me at ‘potato.’ My favorite! Eggs and potato? Even better! Once again, your writing pulls me in and speaks to thoughts left unspoken in my own mind. Thank you for these fantastic words!


  25. Elenore Bendel Zahn

    Thank you for your wise words and beautiful reminder. I love your examles <3 (amazing-looking food too of course)


  26. Kristi Rimkus

    I’m always looking for broccoli recipes. This is a combination I would never have thought of. Looks delicious!


  27. Grandma Driskill

    Love your website so much and feeling in touch. Looking forward with love in our hearts to your visit LU


  28. Lauren

    Love your pictures and inspiration! I’ve got a head of broccoli at home and felt so trapped in what to do with it, in my silly mind it only seemed right to steam it and eat it. But the inclusion of eggs and potatoes is great!


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