Blessed are the Flexible

Last week was a mess of skipped beats. I don’t know if there was something going on with the moon or if my tightrope is undergoing some growing pains, but man alive. Unanswered voicemail. Empty gas tank. Wrong books. Forgotten homework. Burned oatmeal. Molding oranges. Tardy client meetings. Parking tickets. Toothpaste explosions. I seriously was banging my head against the keys trying to write something wise, eloquent for the Beet Cake. Nothing.

When we threw Tex, our new foster in the tub this morning after a long, wet walk through the park I couldn’t help but laugh as I watched a million little hairs fling from his back and cling to the walls and fresh towels. Oh dear. In the next few days I’m sure I’ll spot some white wisps stuck on the mirror and chuckle again at the beautiful absurdity of it all. Pure goodness. Pure madness.

Weeks like these keep me humble. They keep me loose. Learning how to ride a bike with a rusty chain is the whole point of being young. You can’t really afford a new one but you make it work. You just keep peddling. Shaun and I have a pretzel shaped magnet on the fridge that reads: “blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.” It’s especially appreciated in times like these. I love how we both try to hold each other up to this standard when the circus rolls into town, announced or otherwise. He dragged me out in yoga pants, NorthFace hoodie, top knot, and rubber wellies at 9 pm to hit a bucket of balls on the fairway Saturday night and I tell you what, I’ve never felt more silly and more perfectly human. It was great.

Embrace the skipped beats. Life is nothing, boring at best, without them.

This weekend we took Sprouted Kitchen’s mini calzones for a spin, adding butternut squash, and lemon zest. So, so good. The fact that on my calendar I have “meetup / Sara (SK)” marked for friday makes me think that I’m on track to one day do lunch with Oprah Winfrey. Sara has been a constant source of inspiration as I’ve built and grown into this space. Her grace and encouragement has meant more than I think she may ever really realize.

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Squash + Apple Calzones  Adapted from Sprouted Kitchen

  • 1 recipe for Mark Bitman’s easy pizza dough
  • 3 cups butternut squash, small dice
  • 3 sweet onions, roughly chopped
  • 3-4 small apples, cubed
  • 1 shallot, roughly chopped
  • 3-4 tbs fresh minced rosemary
  • zest of 2 lemons
  • olive oil
  • ghee (clarified butter)
  • salt/pepper
  • (optional) goat cheese or mozz.

Prepare the dough about 30 minutes before you plan to cook. Sara used whole wheat flour, and I followed her lead. To make this gluten free, you could alternatively use something from the market, I like this. Preheat the oven for 500′. Combine diced butternut squash, shallots, and onions in a heavy bottomed pot with a pat of ghee or butter. Sauté until the onions are soft and the squash is tender, about 8-10 minutes. Toss in the apples and a dash of sea salt. Stir together and cook for another 2 minutes. Remove from heat.

Prepare the dough on a well-floured surface by pressing (see video, pounding with no rolling pin to my name) the dough out into a large-ish rectangle shape. On first go, my dough was too thin — give yourself 1/4″ thickness to work with. Cut into 6 or 8 squares, size depends on how small or large you want to make these dudes. Fill with squash-apple mixture, sprinkle with rosemary and lemon zest. Pull one corner to the other side and fiddle and press the edges to seal everything up. We added goat cheese to a few after the fact, and those were quite good. It’s up to you. Brush sealed calzones with olive oil and sprinkle with a bit of coarse salt. Bake for 12-15 minutes until just slightly browned. Shaun suggests warm marinara for dipping.

Music by Bombay Bicycle Club Fairytale Lullaby

  1. la domestique

    The video is so sweet and peaceful, I feel more relaxed just watching it and hope you’ve set the tone for my whole week. Also, I must make these calzones- delicious! Every day is a new day and I hope things go a little more smoothly for you this week. P.S. The pup you’ve taken in is just too cute!


  2. Margarita

    What a beautiful movie, I want a calzone too! Skipped beats make want to cry, scream, hide, and so on. But somehow, there is always that angel in your life, mom, sister, girlfriend, or boyfriend, who is able to let you stop and think. Hey, it’s not worth it. Laugh and learn, then move on. Life is good.


  3. Sarah

    I love the mental picture of the two of you at the driving range. He sounds like a good one, that Shaun.

    I’ve tried this recipe of Sara’s! Amazing. Mine had the mozz though…you might be missing out :)


  4. Pure2raw twins

    love the video!! what is that song? love it

    recipe sounds great!


  5. ileana

    Such a sweet video. It’s a chilly morning here, and I wouldn’t mind one of these calzones.

    What’s that saying? Life is gonna seem a lot longer than you like if you can’t laugh at yourself.

    Here’s to not sweating the skipped beats! :)


  6. Laura

    So pretty and cozy. Would KILL for one of those for breakfast right now. And Tex is such a sweet looking little guy, little flying hairs and all.


  7. Erin

    I love the analogy of riding a bike with a rusty chain- it’s so true. I’ve been experiencing similar things lately and it’s always great to have an experience that brings you back to ground. Great post, Kelsey! (and a delicious recipe!)


  8. Fresh and Foodie

    I have weeks like those often, however it seems like you approach them with a much more open mind. Next time, I’ll have to remember this post.


  9. sara

    you, stop! I am so excited to be real life friends. SO SO excited. I read what you write and I feel like you melodically communicate what has been on my mind, in a MUCH more graceful way. You and Shaun are so talented, I love when there is a video, and believe your readers appreciate it, as I know it takes even more time. ’til friday!


  10. Kristen

    I am just so incredibly impressed – what an awesome video!


  11. Ben

    I’m speechless! Beautiful post and video :)


  12. Brian @ A Thought For Food

    I love working with my hands, which is probably why I enjoy making scones so much. But now I must jump in and try out this calzone recipe. How wonderful it looks.

    I think we all have those weeks (sometimes months) where things just don’t feel right. We get through them, though… we do. And we do it by embracing the things we love. Like food and family and our sweet pets.


  13. Naomi

    Wow, wow and wow.You both are so inspiring. I love the mood and tone of the video-so beautifully done.

    The calzones look wonderful!


  14. Sharon

    Love this greeting me in the morning! Beautiful video to set The Tone 😉 Thanks for reminding me, especially on a MONDAY! To be flexible graciously! Enjoy


  15. Cookie and Kate

    Beautiful, every last bit. I never would have thought to put butternut and apple in a calzone. Hope you don’t feel so frazzled this week, I absolutely know the feeling. And you get to meet Sara! How exciting!


  16. Melissa

    Love that pretzel quote. I often say something similar about how a strong and mighty oak tree will get ripped to pieces in a tornado, but a flexible swaying willow tree will only lose its leaves. Being flexible in turbulent times, like a willow tree, will see you through to the other side. Resistance to change will eventually rip you apart.
    The calzones look great. I am going to have to try them when our apples are ripe. Should have squash from the garden by then too.


  17. Melissa // thefauxmartha

    Another beautiful Happyolks video! I have been in quite a funk too. What is going on? My husband and I usually call it the February Blues. I’m changing it to the February Funk this year. It’s good to see that beauty still comes out of the funk though. Case in point—your calzones.


  18. Jacqui

    I had a bit of one of those weeks too. Just had to sit back and realize I don’t have it so bad, bring it on! And these look so delicious! I’ve been meaning to make Sara’s version since she posted them, thanks for the reminder, now I’ll have to try both!


  19. thelittleloaf

    Everyone has those kind of weeks – you wouldn’t experience the highs if you didn’t have the lows. And what better way to keep yourself sane and happy than with such a simple yet delicious recipe. Gorgeous post.


  20. MikeVFMK

    Lovely all around. The video, the words. So happy I visited today. This is a wonderful space.


  21. Sarah Nix

    These look delicious. Can’t wait to try it!


  22. Hannah

    Oh yes, everyone has those kind of weeks, but not everyone handles them with such grace and understanding. Simply inspiring.


  23. art and lemons

    as you say, pure goodness, madness, and brilliance—falling into all of it, happily. thanks for sharing every bit of it (video, recipe, and voice)!


  24. Amber

    Such descriptive writing! Love your pretzel magnet. :) Thanks for writing words that I need to be reminded to hear.


  25. Kasey

    Boy, do I know those days, weeks…even months? It’s so true, though, flexibility is a beautiful approach to life because the thing is, you never know what it’s going to throw at you from day to day, week to week. I hope that things hit their stride, but it sounds like you’re a pretty adaptable lady. Can’t wait to check out your new video! I love that you do these!! xo


  26. Magda

    I can never get enough of watching your videos…


  27. sarah

    Love those last lines.
    You always have something that just gets to me, mulls around my head for a good week.
    And the calzones looks amazing! Another recipe to add to our slowly-evolving dinner list.


  28. Sarah @ studiofood

    Wow, I love this blog! I just stumbled across it via a link on honey&jam, and I am a fan of both the calzone recipe and the upbeat reminder to stay happy when things get messy and disorganised. Thanks!


  29. Nicola

    Whilst you are going through it weeks like that can be somewhat of a challenge but i have found that they remind us that life is not always straight forward and to embrace the challenge and to enjoy the flaws…easier said than done :)

    I have just discovered your blog and it is super dupes! Thanks so much x


  30. tara

    now that video is pretty darn charming. as are these little bundles of beauty. ones to make, for sure.


  31. Brandon @ Kitchen Konfidence

    Once again, another beautiful video :) I love homemade calzones too. These look delicious. I’m thinking I would add some ricotta into the mix!


  32. Claudia Annie

    che ricetta deliziosa! complimenti, un bacio :)


  33. Lakshmi

    Lovely blog you have! It is enjoyable to see two of you working together. It is dynamic and wonderful, transmitted through the pictures.

    I added a link to here & hope it’s fine with you.


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  35. Nicole

    Can you suggest a good vegan alternative to the ghee in this recipe? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


  36. Ailyn

    Bello…beautiful blog, lovely recipe. Thank you..have enjoy it so much!


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  38. El Oso con Botas

    I love your video and the recipe looks just great. Lemon or orange zest suits great in squash and apples. I will try it :)


  39. Sarah

    I LOVE how you did this food video! So beautiful. Just found your blog through Violets and Cardamom…I think it might be one of my new favorites. 😀


  40. Ashley

    Such a great reminder. My days are scattered with skipped beats. But we learn and move on. Also, any week that has a meetup with Sara on it is a good one indeed. She’s pure gold, not unlike yourself.


  41. Niki

    I love everything about your site, especially the videos! But you need a “money shot” for this recipe. A photo with an open calzone, and all the deliciousness pouring out. :)


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  44. Sini

    Perfect fall calzones. Made it, loved it. Surely not the last time enjoying these little guys! :)


  45. WonderBunny

    I made these last night for dinner and they turned out awesome! I don’t think my husband and I knew there was so many other great things to do with squash besides having it as a boring side to something. He loved the mini calzone thing too because it made it easy to pack something for lunch this morning.


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