Banana Hemp Granola

Dear Universe,

I am in constant awe of your timing and how you always seem to bring people into (and out of) my life with such explicit purpose. I feel moved and changed and inspired by so many souls in ways that I cannot yet put into words. Thank you. 

That’s all for now.


Banana Hemp Granola 

  • 3-4 ish cups thick-cut, old-fashioned oats
  • 1 cup hemp seeds
  • 2 ripe bananas
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 1/3 cup grade b maple syrup
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • pinch of sea salt

Here’s a quick and dirty way to make ultra-clumpy granola: stand mixer. I discovered the technique on a rushed morning while juggling fifteen balls before for a camping trip to the mountains. Mix together all wet ingredients and bananas until you get a thick, chunky liquid. Add oats and let the machine run on medium-high for a few minutes before adding the hemp seeds. Scrape the sides as needed until everything is well-coated and clumping.

Turn out and spread granola onto a parchment-lined baking sheet and bake for 25-30 minutes at 400′ F. Check at around 20 minutes and turn over with a spatula or wooden spoon to evenly brown everything up. Let cool for 30 minutes before storing. We enjoyed it camping fireside with greek yogurt the next day.

  1. dervla @ The Curator

    This looks so yummy! i bet it makes the kitchen smell incredible too.


  2. Shanna

    With every post, I am more in awe of your photos here. Gorgeous!


  3. sarah

    This is so gorgeous. Really, really. I super love the mixing-bowl photo. And, love your letter to the universe. So glad there is so much good your way. xo


  4. Nico

    This is fantastic. My problem with homemade granola is that I cannot ever get it as clumpy as I like. Love the tip.


  5. Jessica Coz

    This sounds absolutely delicious! Would like to try it with quinoa flakes as long as they don’t go too mushy. 😉


  6. talley

    This post is inspiring – I’m full of ideas for all different sorts of granola. And yes, the Universe does have a way of offering the answers to questions you didn’t even know you were asking. Loved all the instragrams of your hiking trip, what a beautiful spot.


  7. Kathryn

    Using a stand mixer? That’s a perfect idea, I do love some clumps in my granola. And I think what you say about the universe moving people out of your life, as well as into your life, is super important. The formative relationships in my life are often because someone has moved out of my life.


  8. Erin

    I super love this. While I love my granola, I always miss have giant clumps of it and now you’ve solved this problem. I can’t wait to try this!


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  10. Emma Galloway

    Beautiful. Just beautiful. xx


  11. Mallory

    I just added this to my ‘must make list’ for this weekend…or tonight, so I can enjoy it in the morning. And yes, the universe is amazing…


  12. Sarah

    I love the chunkiness of this granola! Yum!


  13. Courtney

    I’ve made cookies in a similar way to this, but never thought about just making it into granola. Brilliant! The colors and light in these photos are so beautiful, especially the one with the mixing bowl. Love it!


  14. Brian @ A Thought For Food

    I just loved how to-the-point this post was. I’m glad you are feeling good about the relationships in your life.

    And what can I say about this granola. I could have used a big bowl of this for breakfast.


  15. Jennifer

    Wow! This looks great. I can’t wait to try it out. I’ll need to stop eating my bananas so they’ll ripen.


  16. Chinmayie @love food eat

    Never really seen any granola like this but it looks interesting!


  17. Golubka

    This looks incredibly yummy, in love with the combination of banana and hemp!


  18. Valeria

    What a coincidence, I just made banana granola for the first time yesterday! Love the concept, it tastes like the most decadent banana bread, I will surely make it again, and I would probably like to experiment a bit with recipes. Mine is a bit different from yours, and this is in the to-do list for next time! I love how chunky it looks –having chunks is the best outcome for a granola recipe!


  19. purelymichelle

    I was just in the search for a granola recipe, thank you!! sounds wonderful


  20. sara

    yes! love clumpy granola. and the words, sometime less is more. thanks for that reminder.


  21. Ashlae

    Yup, the Universe is pretty rad. So is chunky granola – it’s my favorite. And that vanilla! Smiling big. So big. Happy you’re putting it to good use.


  22. MikeVFMK

    Perfect clumpy granola. Love the hemp and coconut oil additions too.


  23. Deliciously Organic

    This is such a great creative twist on granola. If I eat this granola in a bowl with milk, I could have cookies and milk for breakfast. Perfect.


  24. Aleksandra Peyrer-Navijalic

    Brilliant idea! This is high up on my to-do list. Thanks for sharing!


  25. HBee

    Hi! Would frozen bananas work?


  26. Kasey

    Kelsey, this is so creative! How did you ever come up with it?? Must definitely try this as a switch up to my usual granola routine. xo


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  28. Linda

    I’ve been meaning to getting around to making granola. It seems so easy and yet I keep buying it from the store. I like this version with bananas, especially if it turns out clumpy. :)


  29. Jennifer

    I can’t wait to try this. I recently posted about granola as well and I have long been wondering what good techniques there are for clumpier granola other than using dates. Can’t wait to try!


  30. Kankana

    Love granola in any form. Liking this more because of those bananas! Got to make my share soon.


  31. Hayley

    this looks delicious, and I’d love to try it!
    I’m not a huge fan of coconut, so could you make a recommendation for a substitute for the coconut oil? thanks!!


  32. Batya

    This looks delicious! I just used my last 3 ripe bananas to make Banh Chuoi (Vietnamese Banana Cake), so it looks like I’ll have to pick up some more…and wait. Love the photogs too. Best.


  33. milynn

    I just stumbled upon your blog, and I LOVE your title! Ahh so fitting and fun :)

    This looks so deliciou, my parents and I love granola. I think I’ll have to try making this for them.

    Also I love your photography. So good!


  34. joey

    I’m always on the lookout for new granola recipes…this one sounds awesome! I will have to go look for hemp seeds now…


  35. Kathryne

    The universe deserves so many more shout-outs than it gets, huh? I’ve actually never made granola and still don’t have a stand mixer but… this stuff looks awesome. They look like clumpy granola mini cookies, I could go for a bowlful right now!


  36. celine

    This looks incredible! I’ve been granola-obsessed lately, so I’ll try this one too.


  37. Nicole

    this is wonderful, simple, and looks delicious. thanks for breakfast this morning :)


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  39. lyn

    Yum! Have just made this granola and it is delicious! We have been on a strict no sugar diet for medical reasons but are now trying to find ways to make sweet treats that don’t involve too much sugar or refined sugar. This is perfect. Plus I get to use up the coconut oil and over ripe bananas! Win-win! Many thanks. keep up the good work…


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  41. amanda

    Made this last night to give a few new-mother friends, and it’s excellent! Who doesn’t love the chunks?! I ended up using a little more than 4 cups of a multigrain flake mix (I didn’t have just oats, and added 3/4 chopped walnuts, and some chopped cherries after baking. So good! Only thing I’ll do differently next time is add more cinnamon and maybe a little nutmeg too. Thanks so much for this recipe and “chunking” technique!


  42. Jenné @ Sweet Potato Soul

    This granola looks fantastic!I want to make it in the morning. I always make granola (oat or raw buckwheat), but I’ve never blended it like this. Great idea!


  43. Saretta

    Did you use the wire whisk attachment the entire time, or switch to the paddle after adding the oats?


  44. pinkóci

    I can’t find words. It was sooo good. Yum.
    Thank a lot. Really lot.


  45. Sarah

    I love the way you used banana in this recipe! and the photos are great! :)


  46. Boni

    That granola looks delicious, It seems to be a nice mixing with the banana.


  47. Gourmet Creations



  48. Adria

    I made this granola for breakfast today and the taste is fantastic! Thank you for sharing this recipe.


  49. lisa

    I have been trying out a few granola recipes lately and this one looks great! I wonder if I could throw some flax meal and almonds in there as well…


  50. Amy

    This has been the highlight of my morning all week! It is so so good. Perfect texture, big chunks, great flavor and not overly sweet. Plus, it keeps me full for HOURS, even when i’m working out. Thanks for another amazing recipe Kelsey!!


  51. Victoria

    This granola. Simple ingredients that make a flavorful, involved treat. Danger danger!

    As a new reader, I am inspired and encouraged by so many of your posts. Being the same age as you, I can relate on many levels – emotions, hardships, worries. Thank you for being so vulnerable and honest. It’s refreshing to have “friends” in the same mess.



  52. marisa p.

    i am so smitten with how this granola turned out. It really soft and chewy, its like a oatmeal cookie almost! I added chopped figs which brought it over the edge, thanks so for this fantastic recipe :)


  53. k

    looks yummy! how long will this last for?


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